Monday, May 20, 2013

The Lippizaner Mournfang: Conversion Craziness!

About a month ago I headed to Adepticon, that mecca of geekery and gaming, and I only had two events in mind: the "It's How You Use It" Warhammer Fantasy tournament and the 40k Warzone tournament. I haven't been playing a whole ton in the past... gosh, year or so, so I figured that a couple of 1k games would be just the thing to finally kick my hobby mojo back into high gear.

So, to do that I needed to finally modernize the Ogre Circus army to take advantage of our "new" codex... it's still new to me dangit! And that of course means one thing- Mournfangs, mournfangs, mournfangs! Those bear-cat cavalry hit extremely hard for their points cost and at least in the opinion of this gamer look pretty darn cool to boot.

Now of course if you are at all familiar with my Ogre Circus you know that I couldn't just let the bear-cat cav go on the table without dressing them up a bit. So I went to Google image search and tried to decide what would be an appropriate "circus-y" look for them. Pretty quickly I found this image and it was game over:

The Lippizaner stallions are world renowned and look very prim and proper with their admiral hats and military jackets, so that's what I went with. Because if any two things go together well, it's Ogres and formal wear :P

So, I started fixing up the Mournfangs. The actual mounts have a lot of bare patches of skin that I filled in with greenstuff fur. I also decided to make them rear, which was a simple matter of chopping off the legs, stick some pins and greenstuff in the middle and then cover the whole bit with fur.

The riders were the part that took the most time. Apparently making jackets for Ogres is a more trying job than I originally planned, especially the coat tails, but with enough layers of greenstuff I think I got the effect to come out pretty well.

Next time there will be a few more pics of the completed models as well as how I built the epaulets. Until then, thanks for reading!