A Beginner's Guide to the Guard

Here is a collection of pages that I've created that I think are helpful to the up and coming Guard player. Whether you are just getting started in the hobby or if you're looking for some serious competitive insight, I'll collect it here both from my blog and from others that I come across. If you have any suggestions for this section please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail at herzlbem@gmail.com.

We'll start with a few of my own humble offerings:

Imperial Guard Terminology- all of the acronyms and Guard slang that you'll ever need.

Why Go Guard?- the reasons behind choosing the Emperor's Sledgehammer as your own

Battleforce Tactica- you have a few battle forces, so what should you do with them? This will give you the tools to compete straight out of the box and advice to expand from there.

Painting the Average Guardsman- how to paint your hordes of troopers quickly!

Tactica Collection- if it's Guard tactics, it should be here.