Thursday, September 24, 2009

Non-Sketchy Photo Time part II

We continue with non-sketchy photos! Today we are going to take a look at my Company Commander, Heinrich. Here he is in all of his green stuff glory:

All of the parts are from the Cadian Command sprue. And here he is after getting all painted up:

 I must say that I based him maybe slightly off myself... at least when my beard is at the height of its power.


Mordian7th said...

Looking good! I like the GS work you've done, and the halved paint scheme is very cool - keep up the great work!

Col. Corbane said...

That's a fine looking beard you've got there - lol.

Nice commander, ain't painting red/white a b*tch.

Max said...

Thank you both again.

@Corbane: Yeah, I might actually have to go over his white again just to make sure it isn't still splotchy. And yeah... sometimes the beard does get a little out of control. Eh, the price of being lazy...