Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Belated ToEMP Challenges 4,5 and 6

Long period of no updating was brought on by me getting the Death Plague, battling through the physics GREs and starting 3 new classes at work. But now that I'm back, I have some pics of the tanks that I have been working on. I recently discovered that if I finish them all I will have completed challenges 4, 5 and 6 of the Tale of Even More Painters, so I'm going to try and do them quickly to get on to challenge number 7.

Here we go:

I painted them using masking tape and two different spray paints that I got from the hardware store. The khaki is basically the correct shade, but I may have to go over the white with bleached bone to get it the right color. So far the treads are all painted except for some wash/brown highlights for mud, and of course weathering and insignia need to painted on all of them.

Leman Russ' of the 24th Fortunan have a distinctive paint scheme. On the left track are four stripes of colors for the four suits (I'll eventually paint the suit symbols on there), as well as the regimental designation.

On the right side will be the name of the tank, which is accompanied by a varied number and color of stripes. While the majority of my tanks will be named after various Euchre slang terms (including the tank on the right- I haven't decided between the Lay Down Loner, Ace-No-Face and Farmer's Hand for it yet), the tank on the left is going by the name that I gave it when it arrived at my doorstep- the Poorly Planned Purchase.

Hopefully I can get this lot finished soon so I can move on to my Sentinels; wish me luck!

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