Monday, August 8, 2011

Ogre Circus: Loading the Wagons...

Tyrant Burnam is getting antsy. His circus, the Biggest Show on Earth, has been in storage for far too long. With the Ogres set to receive a new army book fairly soon, plus my general lack of motivation to work on anything for 40k has got me breaking out the big guys and thinking about what I need to do with them.

An easy project that I think I'll start with to ease my way back into doing hobby related activities is finally painting up this fellow, my second Butcher/Slaughtermaster. I built him for my hilariously-fated Fantasy tourney back in December but didn't have enough time/willpower to get him table top ready at the time.

Another project that I can do with my current stock of bits is put together a Slavegiant. With the current book I think I really need two to be particularly effective but I'm hoping that at smaller point levels one will be able to cut it. I already have conversion ideas ready for both of the big guys when I get them, but I think I'll keep that part a secret until I start getting work done on them.

Again, thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!

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