Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adepticon 2012: My Armies

Hello blogging community, I'm back! After a long hiatus traveling to that mecca of gaming culture that is Adepticon has reawakened the fire to both get back into the hobby as well as post on this here blog. While I may not have gotten terribly much done hobby wise in the past couple of months these last three weeks or so have blown my productivity way up!

While my tournament army (Imperial Guard) was ready to go, I had also signed up for the narrative event, which for this year was to reenact the Battle of Piscina IV, i.e. the old Storm of Vengeance campaign. Seeing as I was looking for pretty much any excuse to get into Dark Angels I jumped at the chance and, seeing as I have a love for Scouts that borders on an obsession I quickly decided on having Veteran Sgt. Naaman as my commanding officer. I then grabbed a copy of the Black Library book detailing the event, the Purging of Kadillus, to see what forces I would need. Note: painful, painful read, and really not sure how Belial gets to be the Master of the Deathwing after messing up that badly.

Of course, there were a couple of problems that got in the way of me just cranking out the 1000 point list that I needed ahead of time. First off, I've been traveling quite a bit for work so I've had little time at home to speak of. Second, I'm a procrastinator by nature. If I can put something off till tomorrow then by golly that's what's going to happen. Third, my Ogres were distracting me with their greenstuff work, which is hardly conducive to me painting up Marines.

It took some near constant painting and quite a few long nights both before and during the convention, but here's what I had after it all:

Scout Squad Naaman, with the veteran sgt. himself out front (build time: one week)

Scout Squad Damas, those brave souls that sacrificed themselves to get the teleport homer to the midst of Gazhgkull's telly-porta array to allow Belial to save the day. Bastard. (build time: one week)

Ravenwing Squad Aquila, who made sure that Naaman could report the resurgent Ork threat to company command. (build time: one week)

Tactical Squad Nemaus, who stormed the Kadillus Harbor Basilica and joined Belial's final assault on the Orks left on Piscina. (build time: 3 hours)

Nemaus' ride (build time: 4 hours)

And finally the Predator Hammer of Judgment, which also sallied forth on the final Dark Angels assault. (build time: 5 hours)

All are what I'd consider to be works in progress- table top ready, but definitely in need of quite a bit of work to make sure that they're up to snuff, i.e. highlights, better shading, scroll work, weathering, magnetization, etc. But they were well enough that they served me admirably in the campaign, which I'll detail in a couple of posts.

Next time, though, we'll take a look at some of my favorite armies that I saw at Adepticon. Until then, thanks for reading!


Loquacious said...

holy sheebies! You're alive!

Loquacious said...

holy sheebies! You're alive!

Max said...

I am indeed, and back in action!