Friday, July 3, 2009

WIP- Guardsmen

I've gotten back into painting in the past couple of days and decided to put some effort into my rank and file guardsmen. These were my first attempts at painting, and they turned out all right, but I neglected to do much besides the basecoat. Here's an example of mark 1 guardsman, painted using Bleached Bone, black acrylic (Tamiya I believe) and some Bronzed Flesh.

Yesterday I broke out my washes and decided to experiment with them for the first time. Using Badab Black on the armor and Ogryn Flesh on the skin, the results turned out like this:

I felt that this particular shade was a bit too dark for what I had in mind, and had actually been having misgivings about the Bleached Bone for a while now. So I decided to dry brush the armor with Skull White and see how it turned out. I also threw some Snakebite Leather on the leather parts with a black wash and painted the emblems in Chainmail. Thankfully, I believe that it turned out very well; here's my test model...

Here's a side by side comparison of post and pre dry brushing guardsmen:

And here's a full squad post dry brushing:

I still need to do some work on painting the bases as well as getting squad insignia on their pauldrons, but I think I'll do some more games especially before the latter, as I'd hate to have to go back and redo them.

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