Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terrain Pics

As promised, here are a few pics of the buildings that we have been using. Unfortunately I wasn't the one who built them, so I can't give any kind of detailed build through... all I got are pics. I'll try to get Aaron to write up a how-to at some point, but it might take some convincing.

I also had another battle against Russell's Nids, who was working with another friend of ours to show her the ropes of 40k. There were 5 loot counters to control, and I placed mine poorly, resulting in an easily avoidable loss. High point of the game was definitely when Marbo charged two Tyranid warriors and stabbed them both to death in one round. I probably would have won too if he had had a chance to throw a demo charge and charge an outflanking squad of genestealers, but unfortunately they managed to hold up my infantry squad for 2 turns in close combat, giving them the charge. I need to work on my targeting priorities and better use of my melta weapons to make sure that a similar thing doesn't happen again.

That's it for now- hopefully some more pics of some of my dudes, work willing.

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NockerGeek said...

I love that rounded tower. I hope you can convince your friend to do a write-up, because I'm very curious as to what went into building it.