Friday, June 5, 2009

Making Do With Less: Making a List

So, with my last post we covered ways to get some non-vehicle mounted maneuverability and heavy firepower using the IG codex. Now's the time to build a list. This is mostly for my own edification, but you can use it as an example to see what we can do with limited vehicle options.
A disclaimer though: for the most part, to be a competitive list I believe that IG needs some vehicles. They're just too useful and bang-for-bucky to not bring. If you can find the old battleforces lying around, especially the Cadian ones, pick them up. It's a great way to get a LRBT plus some troops for really cheap.
Company Command Squad with 4 plasma guns, plasma pistol, astropath, carapace armor, chimera with heavy flamer, multilaser turret (225)
5 Stormtroopers with two meltaguns (105)
Guardsman Marbo (65)
Veteran Squad with 3 meltaguns, chimera with heavy flamer and multilaser turret (155)
Veteran Squad with 3 meltaguns, Sgt. Harker (155)
Platoon Command Squad with Cpt. Al'Rahem, two meltaguns, one plasma gun, one guardsman with lasgun (135)
Infantry squad with flamer, sergeant with power sword, commissar with power sword (110)
Infantry squad with flamer, sergeant with power sword (65)
Special Weapon Squad with two flamers, demo charge (65)
Special Weapon Squad with two meltaguns, demo charge (75)
Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank with hull lascannon (165)
Leman Russ Battle Tank with hull heavy bolter, heavy bolter sponsons (165)
Total: 1500 points (maybe a little less)
This list is designed to utilize combined firepower and should be especially effective against mechanized lists. We have 5 sources of meltaguns for dedicated anti-tank and plenty of plasmaguns for light anti-vehicle or anti-heavy infantry. Basic strategy is to go second and attempt to combine fire against whichever side the opponent is weak on. Meltaguns will pop a vehicle and then the LRBTs, plasma squads, platoon squads or Marbo will flush the former occupants into oblivion. Combined fire should easily be able to bring down MCs as well; in fact most of the squads listed could probably take down Carnifexes on their own with the proper commands. The command squad combined with Al'Rahem should ensure that my forward elements can all be order (particularly BID) enabled, adding even more delicious fun to the mix. For anti-horde we have the two battle tanks once again plus the flamers and multiple demo charges. Power swords have been given to the line squad sergeants to engage and defeat enemy MEQs on objectives, as with the commissar I should have 12 power weapon attacks on the charge.
One thing this list might be lacking is a serious counter-charge element; outflanking Genestealers might be able to wreck this list pretty easily, and I have yet to face the Greenskins' wrath. Possible choices might be some outflanking scout sentinels or their slow moving armored friends, or even just leaving the special weapon squads to their deaths after using up their demo charge.
If you don't have the tanks, we can swap them out in a couple of ways:

-replace the battle tanks with plasma cannon equipped Armored Sentinels. Two of them can through out an equivalent amount of templatey hate that trades better AP for the chance to insta-kill marines and weaker armor. This would be for those getting into the Guard who can't find the old battle forces with the LRBT inside. Alternatively one could use scout sentinels in a similar role, but I think everyone knows about my prejudice for AS' by now.

-replace the LRBTs with a second platoon with heavy weapon squads/add heavy weapon squads to our first platoon. This option is a bit squishier and is lacking in the AP department but can add some more dimension to our list through heavy weapon choices. We would probably ignore lascannons unless there are truly far too many vehicles in your area. Personal choice would be some mortar squads for long range templatey goodness or missile squads for flexibility, but it's your call.

That's it for now. I definitely see some WIP pics and kit bashing how tos in the future. For real this time.

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Admiral Drax said...

seems like a good list to me - especially given your noted limitations. Nice work!