Sunday, June 28, 2009

I almost didn't have a battle on Saturday; in fact, I was actually in my car and ready to leave when Aaron drove up and honked at me. So, we rolled up a spearhead, 2 objective mission on some hilly terrain and had a go, 1.5K style. I was using my mobile infantry list and it continued to perform well- Marbo took out a genestealer brood, including taking out the last stealer in single combat. I also discovered that guardsmen can hold their own in close combat against termagaunts, pulling them off the objective for the duration of the game. We had to call it early at the end of turn 4 because I had an invitation to dinner, but we decided that turn 5 would have meant the difference between one of us winning depending on exactly how things went.

One thing I'm still not sure of with the list are the demo charges in the special weapon squads. They managed to take out a couple of gargoyles and some genestealers, but they didn't have a good enough target to really get their points worth. I'll keep running them for at least the next couple of games, but I can definitely see myself dropping at least the one in the flamer squad for another flamer.

Hopefully I'll remember to bring my xD card next time, as I had a lot of pics of the battle and some close up pics of some of the buildings we used but have no USB cable to get them off my camera. Oh well, next time...

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