Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two Little games

Just a short post today. Did some more work on the other squad of vets, but forgot my camera so I have no WIP pics for you. Will try to rectify that tonight. I have to say that I am loving my budget mobile Guard list. I played a 2 v 2 game yesterday, 1k pts per side that ended up being IG vs Eldar and Tau in annihilation. My ally brought along plenty of heavy artillery (2 basilisks and 3 griffons plus two vet squads with heavy weapons), while I brought a chopped down version of my 1500 list (no tanks, Marbo or special weapons squads, plus a scout sentinel).

Everything worked out perfectly in the game. My ally pounded away at the enemy while hiding behind a large rock formation and his empty chimeras while my chimeras waited for the enemy to get closer to dash out and unleash hell. Harker’s squad infiltrated into a bunker and attracted a lot of firepower, saving our tanks huge amounts of incoming ordnance. Stormies took out a hammerhead, the other melta vet squad steadily annihilated a devilfish and the Tau commander, and Al’Rahem led his platoon to great victory against some Eldar grav tanks and their autarch. And the scout sentinel assaulted and broke two infantry squads in two successive turns. Yay outflanking!

We then played a fun little 500 pts a person free-for-all game where we all raced to take the center objective. Deployment was spearhead with a first-turn night fight twist. It was a great back and forth game, as each of us had a moment of almost certain victory taken away in the next turn. Enemy IG were savaged by Eldar and Tau, which had vengeance on both through assaulting doomed Kroot and lucky rolls to blow up a war walker. I nearly obliterated the elves thanks to Marbo and some lucky grenade launcher shots but had one of my transports shot out from under me. In the end we all had squads of roughly equal victory points on the center objective so we called it a tie. If it hadn’t been so late we would’ve have gone on with random game ending, finally finishing the fight with a grand melee in the center.

I really enjoyed these two games, mostly because I'm sick of having 3k points per side on a standard battlefield and how long those games take. And the free-for-all idea was pretty amazing. I'll be posting later with

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