Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leman Russ Executioner/Demolisher

For the tournament I ran in a couple of weekends ago I decided to bring along a Leman Russ Executioner. My playtest experience showed this tank to be a beast, eliminating entire Space Marine squads, slicing up MCs and even opening light tanks if the situation called for it. Following my Euchre-themed naming convention this one's name is the Lay Down Loner (JJAKQ as you can see on the tank's side) thanks to the sheer amount of firepower it can throw out.

I love the new Leman Russ turrets- they look so much more sleek and stylish than the old stubby ones. The elongated nature of the Executioner turret especially brings that quality to the fore.

I believe that the optimal way to run an Executioner is by adding plasma cannon sponsons. Sure it clocks in at 230 points but on the move it can throw out 4 plasma cannon shots, 5 when stationary. A heavy flamer is probably the better option for the hull weapon, but I had a heavy bolter painted up so went with it instead. It's much more reliable than say a Demolisher because you have so many chances to not screw up. Sure it won't pop a Land Raider but it doesn't have to get into melta range to do its job either.

As you can see the beast is full magnetized, allowing me to swap out weapons whenever I need to. The only part I didn't magnetize were the sponson weapon choices, mainly because I just can't see using anything other than PCs on the Demolisher chassis.

Thanks for reading- I've got one more day of Imperial pics and then we'll move onto the Ogres next week. Comments and questions are always appreciated.


Col. Hessler said...

Awesome work. The Euchre reference is totally original, something I never would have expected.

Great work!

RonSaikowski said...

I like the freehand on the side.

Max said...

@ Col. Hessler: Thanks. I've loved Euchre since high school and I figured that the king of all card games would be a fitting theme for my chosen minis game.

@Ron: Thanks- that's a high compliment, especially coming from you!

Andrew said...

That was my space marine squad...hey Max, I found your blog. You can blame Ben for that one.

Max said...

@ Andrew: yes, yes it was. Glad you made your way here!