Thursday, January 20, 2011

Army List: Medusae vs Psychic Hydras

First of all, thanks to the HoP are in order for placing me on the Top X once again. It seems that people like these army list posts from the amount of comments that I've received so it may have to become a regular feature. Not to fear, though, for those of you who like hobby content, it's a comin', especially if I want to have a fully painted army by Adepticon...

So. Adepticon. I need to decide on a final list relatively soon so I can actually have it completely built by the time April rolls around. Last week I posted about the various options that I was considering to replace my Battle Tanks, and I think I've narrowed it down to two configurations: two Medusas either with closed compartments or throw in an Astropath; or a Psyker Battle Squad and a pair of Hydras. I've contemplated just running a single Medusa but the ease with which one can get knocked out leads me to believe that two would be the better bet.

To answer this question let's do a list of pros and cons for each.

Picture shamefully stolen from Admiral Drax's awesome blog

Medusae Pros:
-str 10 ap 2 ordnance blasts are AWESOME, especially the part where they insta-gib Thunderwolves
-have great range
-leaves the option of an Astropath available
-great at taking down both infantry and vehicles up to and including Land Raiders and Terminators
-relatively easy to convert (thanks again Adm. Drax!)
-I already own the building blocks for one
Medusae Cons:
-one of the Adepticon missions has a win condition of destroying the most expensive enemy unit, which would be these. Combined with fragility and bulkiness they could be a liability
-single gun syndrome

Image shamefully stolen from Sons of Sanguinius... check out Atreides' Vendetta scratchbuild too!

PBS and Hydra Pros:
-PBS has great conversion potential
-PBS deals with infantry very well while the Hydras deal with light armor and infantry to an extent
-Adds 3 Av 12 targets to the list, making up a bit for the loss of 2 Av 14 targets
-Dark Eldar are scared of both
-I own the models to make the PBS and their ride
PBS and Hydra Cons:
-Hydras can't deal with heavily armored targets
-3 more chassis take up quite a bit of room
-PBS and the Hydras will take a fair bit of conversion work to do
-PBS can be shut down by Psychic Hoods rather easily

So, given the above, which will fit better in my army? Let's see what holes I already have covered:
Anti-heavy infantry: Executioner (long range) and plasma CCS (short range)
Anti-heavy vehicle: Manticore (long range), Vet squads (short range)
Anti-light vehicle: See above, plus Vendettas Exectioner and Chimera Multilasers (long range)
Anti-Horde: Executioner, Manticore (long range), Chimeras (mid-short range), Vets [to some extent] (short range)

It looks like my anti-light vehicle resources are pretty good but I am lacking in ways of dealing with heavy infantry, hordes and heavy tanks. Both of my choices deal rather well with hordes but only one gives me the firepower necessary to crack Terminators and Land Raiders.

So... I guess if those are the criteria that I am looking at, a pair of Medusae would be the answer. I am still a bit worried about their fragility, but I think that I will be putting them in the list to try out. I'll try play testing them starting next week.

Thanks for reading this rather rambling post. Tomorrow, it's time for something completely different.


Admiral Drax said...

Good points raised: thanks.

When I post me reasons for my forthcoming tournament list, you'll see why I've opted for a medusa, and why it's on its own...but 'til then, please can you convince me why I should take the extra shells for 5pts? I wasn't going to...

Max said...

While they do decrease your blast to only be a small blast they offer the significant bonus of AP 1 and I believe that they also give you longer range. It really depends on what you are going for- if you want to focus on anti-tank go for the bastion breechers as the difference between AP 2 and 1 is huge. If you want to still be effective against infantry stick with the standard package.