Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Another battle report for you fine ladies and gentlemen featuring my Fortunan 24th vs a local Hive Fleet.

Text version below!

So, we rolled up 1850 and Annihilation.

My list:
Blob squad with 3 ACs, 3 GLs, 2 power weapons, Commissar with power weapon
Plasma loaded cmd squad in Chimera
3 Meltavet squads in Chimeras
PCS with 4 flamers in a Chimera
LRBT with Lascannon
LRBT with Hvy Bolter
LR Executioner with Plasma cannons and Hvy Bolter
2 Vendettas

His list:
Hive Tyrant with Lash whip Bonesword, TL Devourers, Hive Commander, Leech Essence, Paroxysm
2 Tyrant Guard
Tyranid Prime wtih Deathspitter and Boneswords
Doom of Malantai in pod
2 Hive Guard
6 Ymgarl Genestealers
2*8 Genestealers with Scything Talons and Broodlord
Tervigon with Catalyst
Trygon Prime
10 Gants
Screamer-Killer Carnifex

Turns 1 and 2: I deploy everything, he reserves everything. I moved out, grabbed cover and turboboosted as possible. I used Incoming! on the blob squad to protect them from deep strikers.

Tyranid Turn 2: Doom, Ymgarls, Hive Guard, Tyrant and one brood of Genestealers came in. Doom failed to do much thanks to Incoming! but the Ymgarls and the Genestealer brood charged into my Blob and HWT respectively. Since the Ymgarls were doing so well against the Blob I decided to sacrifice the entire command structure. The men were summarily cut to ribbons after they turned on their Commissar. His other shooting fails to do anything as my Vendettas jink very well.

My turn 3: My Chimeras wreaked fiery vengeance on the Ymgarls on the left flank while my flamer PCS tried to do the same to the Stealer Brood on the right. Unfortunately the latter was not nearly so effective as 2 stealers and the Broodlord survived my onslaught, and I had made the error of jumping my boys out of their crunchy metal box. I foresee snacking in the future... I also made the key tactical error in forgetting to move my Vendetta, which was sitting pretty right in front of the Tyrant and the Hive Guard. I tried to rectify this error by smashing the Hive Tyrant but only managed to kill one of his retinue. The Doom and his pod were summarily put down by lascannon and melta fire.

His turn 3: The rest of the Nid reserves enter the field. The Tyrant, using his brilliant strategic acumen, ordered the Hive Guard to drop the stalled Vendetta and smash it to ribbons in assault. The second Brood arrives and eats the PCS. The first brood makes a run for one of my Leman Russ but fails to do anything about it. A Trygon and a Tervigon suddenly appear on my left flank and proceed to break my commander's ride and scare him off the board. I am certain that he will be executed upon his recapture, the gutless bastard. The Screamer Killer quietly starts making his way up the right flank.

My turn 4: Seeing the Trygon as my greatest threat my two Meltavet squads and the remaining Vendetta try to down him but only manage to do 5 wounds, leaving him plenty ready to crash into my lines. The small Genestealer brood is wiped out while the larger one is reduced to two models. It's not looking good...

His turn 4: My left flank is unhorsed by the Tervigon and Trygon and one meltavet squad starts attempting to flee the board. The rest of his army advances menacingly... especially the Screamer-Killer.

My turn 5: The falling back squad does not leave the board and leaves a parting gift of melta fire to the Trygon while the other squad wipes out the Termagants. The final Genestealers are eliminated and the Tyrant is left Guardless and with three wounds left.

His turn 5: The Screamer-Killer closes the gap and is almost in range! In other news, my Guardsmen hold off a Tervigon in assault and in a key outcome my Vendetta is shaken. The Tyrant is just barely out of assault range of my LRBT, letting it scoot away to safety in my next turn.

My turn 6: In this turn I needed a couple of things to happen. Without the Vendetta's firepower I can't take out his Tyrant without the help of my Leman Russ Executioner. Unfortunately that tank has an angry Screamer-Killer standing in front of it. So I need to take it out as well as I can't afford to lose any more kill points. Meltavets start out well, taking out 3 wounds from the Fex. I pray for the Chimeras to finish off the job but to no avail. Sighing I turn the Executioner's guns on the Fex, blowing it out of the water but leaving the Tyrant with only a single Battle Tank to deal with it. It deals a single wound, but it's not enough.

His turn 6: Game over. Hive Guard smash a Chimera and the Tyrant manages to smash through the barricades and explode my Executioner. Tyranids win 11-9.

Key points: forgetting to move the Vendetta, jumping the PCS out of their tank, muddled deployment. Things to work on indeed...

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