Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Psyker Psolitaire!

First, some great news... I have 100 followers! Best birthday present EVER! Thanks all for reading... we'll try to get some more regular posting going on here to accommodate you fine people.

And speaking of posting, I happened to finish modelling up my Psyker Battle Squad yesterday... enjoy!

All of the psykers are blindfolded and have "purity cards" placed on their uniforms and over their soulbound eyes. The cards were made out of pieces of old Magic cards... one hobby feeds another I guess!

The above guy is my favorite :)

I wanted to have a few soldiers with levitating cards, so pieces of gauge wire and cardstock did the trick. I'll paint up the gauge to look electric, and hopefully everything will turn out well...

I also needed a levitating guy, though I cut out the warding cards just to make him possible to transport.

I hope you enjoyed, and thanks again for following!


Porky said...

This is a slick take, and the irony of the Magic cards adds to the fun. Fresh thinking, and great modelling to top it off.

Blitzspear said...

Superb work i can feel the psykic chill eminating from the already ;)

Max said...

@ Porky and Blitzpear: Thanks!

TheGraveMind said...

You definitely need to have one dressed as gambit. "pick a card, any card"
Great models! can't wait to see them painted up.

RonSaikowski said...

Pretty cool to have them all blindfolded.

Black Dot Barrel

b.smoove said...

Absolutely smashing stuff. Just brilliant (and well deserved with the century mark).

Ricalope said...

love the conversion ideas, and happy b-day!

Max said...

@ TheGraveMind: The Gambit figure was supposed to be my Psyker Primaris, who's somewhere amidst my blog posts. He still needs some work, though, which is why he isn't under completed models.

@ Ron: Thanks! I've always liked the look of the blind warrior/mystic so it was a great opportunity to get that on the field.

@ b.smoove: Thank you sir!

@ Ricalope: thanks!