Wednesday, May 27, 2009

40k points of Apocalypse, part 1

*begin transmission*
This is a report from Gen. Card of the 24th Fortunan in regards to what shall be referred to as the Battle for the Tear. That's tear as in a tear in my uniform (of which I assure you there are none, thank the Emperor!), just to be clear. And my apologies for not transmitting any information for some time- a combination of recruitment time before the battle, personal vendettas/obligations that needed to be addressed and warp storms in the vicinity of the Tear have made communication nigh-impossible for some time. I shall have to complete my treatise on effective use of the Punisher Battle Tank at another time. If you wish to view any of the images in larger format, please activate them with your tactile interface.

Imperial Astropaths became aware of the Tear's forming several months ago and determined that it would lead to a long lost Eldar maiden-world filled with valuable xenos technology... that and that our astropaths in the region were going silent one by one. My regiment, members of the Ice Jesters and Blood Angels Space Marine chapters and even the glorious Cadian 8th led by Usarkar Creed himself were dispatched to secure the Tear and repulse whatever forces were seeking to claim the Tear for themselves. I was declared commander of the battlegroup, an honor that I feel was only given to me because of Creed's major failure in his last action.

As we were departing the system an Eldar vessel hailed us and asked to be allowed to join us, claiming that without their aid two of our finest commanders, Creed and Dante of the Blood Angels, would fall in the coming battle. After consulting the Cards our psykers determined the veracity of the xenos' claim and welcomed them grudgingly along.

Preliminary view of the battle field, located near the ruins of what used to be the capitol city. The city was destroyed, and the climate became cold when the warp Tear formed.

Preliminary view of the Eldar maiden-world, as depicted by our astropaths. We were ordered to take the xenos structures, as well as an icon to Khorne that had probably precipitated the warp Tear. There were three “warp-in” points, which, thanks to the whims of Chaos, we would randomly warp through.

And here are (most) of the assembled forces of his Imperial Highness, with notable exceptions of our super-heavy attachments (a Baneblade, a Banesword and a Shadowsword) and the glorious and ever victorious 24th, which I believe you have seen enough pictures of already.

As we entered the system the we spotted an odd assortment of ships: Chaos, Tyranid, Tau and, most surprisingly, Eldar.

The Eldar farseers on our side simply nodded when they heard this, mumbling something about “we knew.” Strange creatures, these Eldar.

It seems we arrived just in time, Battle lines were drawn up on both sides.

Warmaster Sam, foul traitor devoted to Chaos, was determined to be the leader of the strange alliance facing us.

Planetside, there were three objectives we were ordered to secure. One was a building in the heart of the city ruins around which the 24th and the 8th set up their command structure.

One was a large mountain from which we could accurately fire and call orbital bombardments upon the enemy.

And the final objective was an Imperial fortress that had survived even the formation of the Tear. It was unfortunately the first thing overrun by the foul forces of Abaddon the Despoiler… who had somehow managed to take a hive tyrant’s brain and use it to control the foul beasts.

The Tau set up towards the rear of the fighting lines, as if preparing for something…

Transmission will continue tomorrow. Ave Imperator!

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