Monday, May 4, 2009

Hank Stahl's CCCC Squad of Doom: 1500

As mentioned previously, I'm going with the second favorite choice on the poll, Iron-Hand Straken's CC Squad of Doom, for my next list.

Stahl's Command (1500)

HQ (400)
Company Command Squad
Feldmarshal Hank "Dead Man's Hand" Stahl (counts as Straken)
2 bodyguards
4 vets with regimental standard, meltagun, grenade launcher and flamer
Officer of the Fleet
Carapace Armor
Priest w/ Eviscerator

Company Command Squad
Regimental standard
Heavy Bolter
Officer of the Fleet

Elites (100)
5 Stormtroopers with 2 meltaguns

Troops (685)
Platoon Command Squad
Heavy Bolter
2 grenade launchers

Infantry squad with plasma gun * 4

Lascannon HWS * 2

Vet squad with 3 melta guns in a chimera (multilaser, hvy flamer)

Fast Attack (270)
2 Armored Sentinels with Plasma Cannons
2 Armored Sentinels with Autocannons


The overall strategy is very simple: get Stahl's command squad into CC range and let 'er rip. The vets in the main command squad all have different loadouts so that I can play fun wound allocation games if necessary, and all are assault oriented. The combination of Stahl/Straken and the chainfisting priest should prove interesting and deadly. The carapace armor is to make sure that enough veterans survive to ensure that Stahl/Straken has enough ablative wounds left to take down big baddies like hive tyrants while staying out of trouble.

The four infantry squads will play defense for the CC squad, making sure that it always has cover, and the squads will also make sure that each other has cover. I will do this by splitting squads 3:1, with the one lone squad masking enough of the other 3 squads to achieve cover saves while hopefully getting some in return. The plasma guns combined with BID from the command squad should put the hurt on any MCs or squads that come too close, helping pave the way for Stahl to take down the really nasty squads.

The armored sentinels will also be performing screening duty, gunning down anything in their way and distracting large mobs of infantry from assaulting my squishy guardsmen or my hard hitting CC squad (it wants to hit hard, not be stuck in combat with a lesser squad for too many turns.) The plasma cannons will be awesome at taking out mobs of heavy infantry while the autocannons will throw out some shots early and be the first to charge into combat.

In the rear field we have the two lascannon HWS with the secondary company command squad and the platoon command squad. Both are armed with heavy bolters and grenade launchers to take out outflanking genestealers and will throw themselves in harm's way to buy the HWS an extra turn. BID will be less effective thanks to the ld 7 of the HWS, but it should result in some solid kills. The mounted melta squad will move to one of the flanks and try to take down anything in its path.

Finally, I will be experimenting with stormtroopers with this list. They are only a squad of 5 to conserve on points and make sure that I don't use them for anything other than their one purpose, which is melta gun delivery team. Normally I will try to deep strike or outflank them so that I can take out one really nasty thing before they die. They might also help out the melta vets in taking out an MC in one turn if necessary. I don't expect much of them, but I do expect them to take out at least their points worth before they are annihilated.

I'm trying out a lot of new stuff with this list: Straken, stormtroopers, non-mortar HWS, but I believe that in contrast to my previous list this one forms a cohesive whole, with each component working to help the others. Any comments or criticisms are of course always welcome.


Ranger Rob said...

Looking forward to hearing how this force does. CC guard should prove interesting...especially against Nids. Good luck.

Caleb said...

I really, really hope it doesn't end up being you and Matt vs. me and Russell tonight. 2 CC Imperium armies vs. Tau and shooty Nids just isn't fair ;)