Monday, March 8, 2010

Escalation League, Round 2: Battle Report and Pics

We've got a 750 battle report of my IG Air Cav vs Warrior heavy Nids for you, as well as some pictures of my trio of finished Valkyries that you can see below my report. Enjoy!

The Inquisitorial J of the Black Jacks
I can differentiate between the Valkyries based on the color of the screens shining on the pilots:



Ben said...

The three Valkyries are pretty darn awesome. I'm a fan! It does look a little strange not to have them swooping over the rest of the army...but that shall come at values over 750, I assume.

Also, I'm a little confused by the Inquisitorial one - I always thought it was a stylized =I=, as in Are there several logos?

Col. Corbane said...

Outstanding aircav mate, I hoping one day, I'll have an aircav of my own!

Sholto said...

Your flight of Valks/Vendettas look great. Having painted one myself, I know how much time they can take. Good batrep, too - I enjoyed it :)

Max said...

@ Ben: The "Inquisitorial J" is something that I made up that kind of looks like the Inquisitorial =I=. There are actually several versions of the ]I[ as well, depending on stylistic preference. I just chose a J because of black Jacks.

@ Col. Corbane: Thanks! I'm slowly getting re-addicted to fast transport vehicles, as my first army that I borrowed was Eldar. Now if only they could tank shock... they would be COMPLETELY broken.

@ Sholto: Thank you sir! I imagine that at some point I'll go back and do all of the gems and lights and whatnot, but for now I am happy.