Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Escalation League, Round 4: The Road Ahead

Now that I'm back on track with the whole "having fun" thing, modelling has reentered the picture! Let's take a look at what I have in store for me to finish:

First up is my new Hellhound. This thing has already earned it's place in the list a ton of times over (though it doesn't seem to want to come in from reserve...) and I'll definitely have to do a right up of how awesome it is at some point. For now though, he needs more than a base color. I need to come up with a paint scheme for him (something in between my Leman Russes and the Chimeras) as well as an appropriate name. If you have any Euchre or other card game names that would sound good, let me know!

Speaking of Russes, this one needs a small change. I want to saw off the lascannon and magnetize it and a heavy bolter so that I can switch them out.

The Astropath here has seen better days- the spade and club on his staff have fallen off and will need to be prepared. And Clubs-King Heinrich's command squad needs to be fully modeled and painted up... more meltaguns for me!

This is the model that I am going to be using as my Al'Rahem counts-as, Hearts-Queen Catherine "Kitty" Carde. She was a metal Imperial Guard model given to me by a friend, and her paint scheme matched mine quite nicely. She had a lasgun, though, instead of Al'Rahem's plasma pistol, so I filed and sawed away at it until it went bye-bye. She needs some new paint and some conversion work to get into shape.

Last but certainly not least is my Harker counts-as, Sam "Sandbagger" McCurt. This fellow came from Heresy Miniatures when I bought the Doctor and Master figs for my girlfriend. I swapped out the minigun for a heavy bolter and need to work on an ammo belt to reach to his backpack. I also need to model cloaks for his squad as I intend on using them as forward sentries vets as well as his Catachan Devils Fortunan Sandbaggers.

That's what I've got- stay tune to see how all of these projects turn out!

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Col. Corbane said...

I'm looking forward to seeing kitty done and your standin Harker is excellent.

Time to get painting mate.