Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where have the Imperial Armour updates gone?

As many of you might know, Forgeworld has recently updated there website so that it is, well, navigable. And it's a pretty slick redesign too and one that I approve of. However, there seems to be something missing... namely, the free .pdfs with experimental rules as well as updates to Imperial Armour 1 and 2.

The experimental rules I can understand, as things like the Hazard Suit and the new Ork tanks are either in IA Apocalypse 2 or are going to be in the soon to be released IA 8. But the updates make less sense, as I don't think they've released new versions of IA 1 and 2.

Does anyone know if the updated rules appear in IA Apocalypse 2 or are simply hidden somewhere new on the website? I'm curious because the updated rules for Deathstorm Drop Pods and Sentry Turrets sound perfect for a theoretical second army that I'm planning and I want to make sure that I am using the most current version of the rules... and that my opponent can too, in case some questions come up.


**UPDATE** Just got this off of Warseer thanks to Spacker:
Downloads section is missing. I rang and asked them, apparently it'll be gone for a few weeks but when it's added back in they expect it to have some of the new update PDFs for the older IA books. Whether this means DKoK and Renegades are getting their updates in a few weeks they couldn't tell me, however ...

*images taken from Forgeworld, makers of awesome things that I would like to use some day!


Sholto said...

If you need the PDFs in the meantime, check Google's cache or the Internet Archive.

Ginge said...

IAA2 does update the rules for most of the stuff in IA1 etc. I haven't got it to hand, but I think it has deathstorm drop pods... it certainly has sentry guns.

I'm most impressed by the lightning, which actually now has a chance of shooting enemy aircraft, thanks to the addition of skystrike missiles. I'm thinking of converting myself one out of a valkyrie whose passenger bay I'm stealing for another project :o)

Max said...

@ Sholto: Alright, thanks!

@ Ginge: dangit. Now I'm actually going to have to lay some money down for an IA book. *Sigh* let me get my credit card...

Ginge said...


It's worth it, it's a lovely book :o)