Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Al'Rahem Counts-As: Catherine "Kitty" Carde

First step of my round 4 painting/modeling is finished- my version of the famed Cpt. Al'Rahem!

Biographical Information:
Catherine "Kitty" Carde is the Hearts-Queen (commander of Hearts platoon) of the 24th Fortunan, but she wasn't always this way. Though born into the ruling House of Carde her future on Fortuna stepped into Glory's path when she signed up to join the Imperial Guard. Although accepted into an officer training school due to her noble lineage, Catherine decided to instead slog it through the ranks, beginning her career as a simple Guardswoman.

Due to her psychic potential she was placed in the Hearts suit, but the one of the only facet that she excelled at was manipulating the psychically resonant crystals that are one of Fortuna's main exports. With this, as well as proper conditioning from her mentor Hearts-King Remy, she was able to use her abilities to form Prism, a blade of radiant energy that can easily slice through any known material, and some say also the soul itself.

Removing the lasgun from the model was a bit of work. A bit of filing and greenstuff was needed before the final paint job.

She also seemed quite adept at picking up on astropathic signals through the shifting colors of her blade. This, combined with her natural leadership talents, inspired Clubs-King Heinrich to appoint her Queen of the forward patrol platoon, as he knows that when he needs her aid she will arrive, unasked but definitely not unwanted.

In game she has already proven herself time and again, and now she has the paint job to go along with the pained grimaces my opponents have when I announce that my army is coming from EVERYWHERE.

Hope you enjoyed.


Gotthammer said...

Nice work removing the gun, the whole conversion turned out nicely.

I also like having a model 'rise from the ranks' too.

Max said...

@ Gotthammer: Thanks! I'm definitely thinking of taking the rise from the ranks concept a bit more seriously with my next army as it was pretty fun this time around.