Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A video battle report for you all. We chose a scenario from out of the Battle Missions expansion called Invasion. Daemons pour forth from a portal, and my boys and girls are the only thing in their way. Who will win? Text version below the video.

Text version here

Mission: INVASION!

Setup: There is a large portal in the center of the map and 4 objectives that are halfway between it and the four table edges. I have the option to deploy anywhere (except within 12" of the portal) or can reserve and have them come on from any table edge. Chaos Daemons take first turn and can walk on from the portal if they choose.

My list:
Company Command with Plasma Pistol, 3 Meltaguns, Astropath, Vet with pistol
Chimera with ML and HF
Vet Squad with Harker, Missile Launcher and 3 grenade launchers
Platoon Command with Al'Rahem, 4 meltaguns, chimera with ML and HF
3 Infantry Squads, power weapons, flamers. 1 commissar with power weapon.
Special Weapon Squad, 3 flamers.
Hellhound with HF and extra armor.
Leman Russ with HB

His list:
Great Unclean One (Papa Nurgle)
Daemon Prince of Khorne
2 Bloodcrushers
10 Bloodletters with Skulltaker
2 squads of 10 plaguebearers
2 squads of 5 Pink Horrors, both with Bolt of Change and one with the Changeling

I choose to reserve everything, he chooses to have Papa Nurgle, a squad of plaguebearers and both Pink Horror squads enter first. Nurgle agrees with him.

Turn 1a: Papa and one of the Horror squads walk out from the portal, the others deep strike near the objectives.

Turn 2a: Bloodletters (with Skulltaker)and the Bloodcrushers come in.
Turn 2b: My Vendetta (with SWS inside), Company Command, Leman Russ and Harker's squad all come in from one of the small table edges. Shooting kills most of one of the Horror Squads and picks off a few Bloodletters.

Turn 3a: His Daemon Prince and final squad of plaguebearers make their entrance near my forces. Things mill about.
Turn 3b: The rest of my reserves come in. Al'Rahem and her platoon come in on the opposite small board edge, threatening one of the plaguebearer squads. My Hellhound arrives to support my Vendetta, but gets Glamoured into shooting the Vendetta (thankfully doing no damage) instead of roasting the Bloodletters. My Command Squad disembarks and two BIDs take out the Prince. A few plaguebearers bite it and a Bloodcrusher is picked off.

Turn 4a: The remaining Crusher assaults my command squad but they hold. The Plaguebearers try to do the same to Harker's squad, but don't quite make it. The Bloodletters assault my Hellhound and manage to immmobilize it.
Turn 4b: The Platoon flames then assaults the plaguebearers, getting stuck in but off the objective. Vendetta kills a few bloodletters, the Hellhound and Leman Russ whittle the Pink Horrors on one of the objectives to two models (got the Changeling!). Harker's squad gets the plagebearers down to 2 models and I assault, losing Harker in the process. The Hellhound is wrecked, and the Crusher wipes my Command Squad.

Turn 5a: Papa Nurgle wades in to assault the platoon, but they hold. The Letters and the remaining Horror from the first squad I shot at move toward the objective, but the Horror is the only one to make it there. The Plaguebearers and the Crusher eliminate my remaining vets.
Turn 5b: Al'Rahem's chimera moves onto an objective, the Vendetta does likewise (the latter is contested by the 1 horror). Shooting fails to take out the Horror.

Game ends- score is 1-1.

I also had a game against Tyranids in First Contact... boy is that a butchery mission! Since most of my force relies on reserves to be useful being stuck out on the table is a nightmare. I lost half of my force on his first turn, then proceeded to be mulched to death by greater swarms of gribblies. Very historically accurate, I suppose, but I would need a much different force to be competitive in that mission.


oniakki said...

I've only skimmed the Battle Missions book myself (mainly looking at the three 'special missions' at the end). But it seems like it'd be great assistance in fluffy campaigns.

I've noticed a piece of terrain with large gear like objects in it. I've noticed various ones in a couple of your reports, but it didn't dawn on me to ask if you knew anything about them until now.

Kroxitau said...

I like battle missions, they are pretty fun. Out of the 4 I have tried I have lost all of them, but they were definitely fun games.