Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Year Later...

Well, it's been a year since I started this blog. A year since I first started purchasing Warhammer miniatures. A year since I first tried my hand at modeling and painting. Let's see how far I've come!

Here is a pic from one of my first games with my Guard, without any of the fancy editing techniques that I have begun applying in post production:

That's a pretty mismatched lot, I think you'd agree. I believe that the Predator is supposed to a Leman Russ, the Rhinos are Chimeras and the various blobs of white and black are supposed to be guardsmen... well, at least that last part is true. This army contained the sum total of my model collection, as well as more than a few subcontractors from my friend's armies. And the pictures not even cropped!

Now let's see what the Fortunan 24th have become in a year:

The sum total of my firepower that is table top ready.

King: Heinrich von Acht, attended by a Veteran of each suit and an astropath
Queen: [unnamed], attended by four specialist troopers
Jacks: Armored Sentinels Stompy Jr., Stompy Lesser, and Stopper
Xs and 9s: Heavy Weapons Platoon
King: Remy LeBeau
Queen: Lady Catherine "Kitty" Carde, attended by four specialist troopers
Jacks: Scout Sentinels [not present]
Xs and 9s: Long Patrol Platoon, with attached specialist squads
Spades, the "Black Jacks"
Ace: Le Soldat Marbo (see below)
King: [unknown]
Jacks: Stormtrooper squad "Blue Team". Teams "Red" and "Yellow" are not present yet.
Xs and 9s: Stormtrooper initiates, Sentry ("Sandbaggers") and Grenadier teams. The "Sandbaggers" are only partially in attendance.
 King: [unknown]
Jacks: [unknown]
Xs and 9s: Adeptus Mechanicus devotees and attached assault weapon servitors
Mechanized Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank: "Farmer's Hand"
Leman Russ Battle Tank: "Poorly Planned Purchase"
Hellhound: "Talon"
Chimera: "Guarded Left"
Chimera: "The Followed Suit"
Valkyrie: "The Dutchman"
Valkyrie: "The Door"
Valkyrie: "The Barn"

Those are my forces that are painted to a 3 color minimum. In the next couple of days hopefully the Hellhound will be fully detailed, the Sandbaggers will be fully modeled up and a Commissar will join my ranks. Until then, thank you all for your year of support, and look forward to my 100th post! It's been a long time coming...


the other Kevin said...

Very impressive first year! All looking great too.

Admiral Drax said...

WOW! That's incredible progress - especially for a relatively new player! Well done you.

And I really really love the distinctive look of your army.

Max said...

@ the other Kevin: Thanks!

@ Admiral Drax: Thanks again Admiral!

sovietspace said...

Ah I love before and after progress shots, they warm the hart! Great job mate.

Max said...

@ sovietspace: Thanks!

Anonymous said...


B.Hudson said...

All I can say is "Wow".

I only hope my painting is half what yours in after a year....

Again, great job!

Max said...

@ clt40k: Thanks!

@ B.Hudson: Thanks! I owe pretty much all of my painting skills to the great articles and tips here on From The Warp, so look around! You'll be a great painter in no time. And don't be afraid to try something new- you can always strip, and you can always add new techniques later.

Tristan said...

I'm really loving your basing scheme. Very cool and a unique take on the theme. All done in a year - congrats! Really love the new psyker guy with the cards on the ground.