Monday, April 19, 2010

PROGRESS: A look forward

Today, a bit of a look forward as to the future of the Fortunan 24th. My previous progress assessment can be found here, and is from back in January.

So I've made a fair bit of progress, but there is still work left to do. I unfortunately got very little done in the past couple of weeks of Escalation League, but I should hopefully be back on track for the next round. I'm trying to constrain myself to the models that I believe I can construct given the bits that I have, but a few are evidence of my unconquered plastic addiction and hopeful nature.

Particularly, the Psyker Battle Squad, the second squad of Diamonds vets and the Ogryn squad. I think these might simply be completionist tendencies on my part and will probably (and in the Ogryns case, definitely) be out of my current bits allowance. I can probably justify them to myself as they will be great conversion opportunities that will take a lot of time, giving me something to do during my upcoming Year of Uncertain Employment (coming to a blog near you this September!).

Another note that I would like to make is that not all of the green cells are necessarily "finished" finished. They are at a 3 color standard with the details that I think are necessary to make them table top usable. I still have various ideas for ornamentation and other details that will probably cause me to update their look at some point in the future, particularly if my greenstuff and plasticard skillz increase.

But for now, that's where I'm standing. Thanks for reading, and see you next time.


Admiral Drax said...


CommissarHarris said...

Ha-Ha! the plastic bug bites you every time! Just be thankful its not a forgeworld resin addiction!

Max said...

@ Drax: Thanks mate

@ CommissarHarris: Oy. Now all I have to do is pray that I get a job that pays me actual money next year.