Friday, January 29, 2010

Escalated Progress

A few posts back I talked about some resolutions that I had for my army and my blog. So far the posting (except for one occasion where I apparently forgot to push "publish") has followed my 3-a-week goal to the letter. There was another resolution, that I would not purchase any more models before I had painted and assembled everything that I had. Here's my current progress on that front:

Weeeeelll, that one's going out the window, because my FLGS is starting an escalation league!

Now, most people would start a brand new army when such an event occurs, and I did consider it. A Daemons force would let me play Fantasy as well as be a good nemesis/ally force for my Guard, and another project (still secret) would have been fun but nearly impossible to model in time. But getting more Guard will allow my force to grow out of its current stagnant state, as well as save me some money (as I would probably buy more Guard anyway).

So here's where I stand now:


Yes, that's two Valkyries (well, Vendettas in play...) in 500 pts. Not sure if it's a wise decision, but I'm trying to use mostly units that are new to my army in the league. The league starts two Saturdays from now, so I hope my second (and third!) Valks get here soon, 'cuz I have a lot of painting and modeling to do!
Wish me luck!

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