Friday, January 8, 2010

Fortunan Fluff: Prologue

Imperial Guard regiments hail from an almost unimaginably varied number of worlds. Some, like Cadia, are planetary fortresses with a strong military tradition and the best training that the Imperium can offer. Others, like Catachan, are Death Worlds, worlds where even the ground underneath your feat might consider you a delicious morsel. There are feudal worlds, feral worlds, ice worlds, lava worlds, worlds completely dominated by machinery, midnight worlds, depot worlds, manufacturing worlds... worlds without end.

Each planet sends its tithe of troops to the Imperial Guard without fail, and each has its own traditions. The Rough Riders of Attilan bear garb similar to that of Mongols and ride fierce warhorses into battle. The Vostroyans are sometimes more machine than man and hold their arms and armament to high standards. The Death Korps of Krieg sublimate their individuality to atone for long ago sins.

Some planets even have sanctioned variants of the Imperial Creed, seeing the Emperor as the All-Father, the Great Hunter, the Light Everlasting.

Out of all of these worlds, and all of these different peoples, and even confronted with all of these different creeds, they all can agree on one thing:

Something ain't right about those Fortunan boys.


Join me on Fridays to hear more about the story behind the suits, the Black Jacks, the Inquisitorial involvement, and Fortuna itself. Just make sure to lock your Puritan friends in the closet first...


sovietspace said...

Ohhh I do love a bit of guard fluff. I'm looking forward to having this revealed!

Max said...

Excellent! My policy of reaching out to varied interests is working.