Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Attacking Progress Fast-ly

About time for an update on what I've been working on. My first order of magnets came in a while ago, so I set to work magnetizing up some sentinels. Unfortunately I forgot to order 1/16" magnets, so I'll have to hold off before I can make a Scout/Armored Sentinel mix.

For your perusal, Stompy Lesser and Stopper.

Stopper was built from the new sentinel kit:


... while Stompy Lesser came from my E-bay purchase of a long time ago. His top will remain open so that I can justify using him as both a Scout and Armored Sentinel in games. I'll probably fashion a lid when the magnets come in.

The paint scheme was created by spraying the walkers with Skeleton Bone color primer from Army Painter, a heavy Badab Black wash followed by a lot of dry brushing of Skull White. It's the same color as is on the armor of Clubs and Hearts platoon soldiers.

The few stray bullet streaks were made with a base of Calthan Brown followed by Boltgun Metal and Chainmail/Mithril Silver. I tried using Dwarf Bronze to add a bit more, but the rust ended up being too shiny.

My weapons were magnetized with two magnets on the Sentinel (one on the weapon mount, one just to the right of the slot for the power pack) and with snipped staples on the weapons. While the latter doesn't result in the tightest fit, it is much cheaper than using more magnets. I'll probably use the 1/16" magnets when I get them for the other sentinels, but I wanted to get WYSIWYG models on the table for once.


As for where I got the idea for magnetizing, check out this website. Great place, and has tips for magnetizing my next project...


As mentioned earlier, this is a wonderful X-mas present from my girlfriend, and will come in lots of use in my games. As soon as I get some more time and magnets I will make it so that I can switch in and out all of the different weapon options. As for now, the heavy bolters can feel free to swing in and out the doors.

As far as painting goes, I've managed to paint up the interior. I'm looking for a dark grey spray paint before I start painting the outside, something in the neighborhood of Adeptus Battlegrey... or whatever color they used to spray the stormtrooper Valkyrie on the website.

 Alright... more progress updates as well as a look at the future in the next post. See you on Friday!


Col. Corbane said...

Nice work on the sentinels mate, I tried to magnetise one of mine but it turned out as an epic fail, so it's gone back in the bitz box.

Looking forward to seeing more of the valk, keep them coming mate.

Max said...

Thank you sir! And my insomnia has worked up another cunning project which should hopefully see the light of day next week...

the other Kevin said...

Sentinels look great, and the Valkyrie is coming along nicely. As for a grey spray paint, I use grey Dupli-Color sandable primer. It's a near perfect match for Adeptus Battlegrey.

Max said...

@ the other Kevin: Thanks for the tip and the compliment sir!