Monday, January 18, 2010

Mordheim: Assembling the Warband

As I mentioned in my new year's post, I'm starting up Mordheim this year. I decided to go for the Norse warband as it sounded like it hit all of my key points- vikings, werewolves, and more wolves!

For my miniatures, I decided to go forego Games Workshop models. Since I don't plan on participating in any tournaments, I wanted to go as cheap as I could while still having miniatures that I would have fun painting. Plus, GW doesn't really have any models that fit the viking, werewolf or wolf theme. Sure there are goblin wolf riders, but I want three, not ten!

For my human warriors I looked to Wargames Factory's excellent 8-figure sample set of Vikings. The detail on the models is pretty nice, and the posability of the weapons is very good, especially since they all come detached on their own sprue; just add them to the hand that you want and you are golden!

They look a little off scale when stood next to the "heroic" scaled 28mm figs, but they do pretty well. Plus, what a price- $4.95 for 8 figures? Sold!

Over the weekend I managed to assemble my warband, so here are some pics just to show how the models turned out:

Next on my list were my Ulfwerenar and wolf pack. For these I went to Reaper Minis.

This fellow came pre-painted and only costed around $4. I'll probably do some highlighting to make him my own.

The wolves also came from Reaper, but unfortunately my FLGS's were out of them at the moment so I had to special order them from the Warstore. I still need to get cavalry bases for them, but otherwise I think they'll fit the bill.

All in all, my warband cost me about $30 to put together. And you know what the best part is? That is all that it will cost me. I have enough vikings left over to build over the maximum of my warband if needed, and if I get something like a mercenary wizard I can always just steal the astropath from my Guard army.

Stay tuned as I get these boys painted up and ready to hit the mean streets of Mordheim: City of the Damned!

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