Monday, January 4, 2010

(Belated) Happy New Year!

Start of a new year, start of a brand new lease on my blog. For a while over the fall I was a bit burned out- tons of grad applications due, lots of responsibility at work and not very much time at home to do any posting or painting or anything much.

But now is a new year, and that means resolutions. My resolution for 40k is very simple:

Finish painting the models that I own and use before March 8th. 

My birthday is coming up, but I still have that pesky vow to "buy no more models till the ones I have are finished." So what is left to do? Following the Admiral's advice I have created a spreadsheet of what I consider necessary to a temporarily completed Fortunan 24th:

This should be able to fill me up at a stretch to 2k, though I'll be using damn near every single model to get ther. Among those models is a new one, thanks to my amazing girlfriend this christmas:

I'm very excited (and terrified!) to start putting this thing together, as it will definitely help take some of the staleness out of my army builds once it's on the field.

A second resolution that I am making this year is this:

My blogs will update three times per week.
I'm going to start trying a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. It's all part of a sustained effort on my part to be a more active netizen and really take advantage of all that Web 2.0 offers us.

Other things that are coming up on this blog:
  • Battle reports- back with a vengeance! I'll try to focus on more interesting battles than the normal 3 missions. Expect to see a lot of Dice Like Thunder missions as well as the odd GW expansion.
  • Mordheim! I really didn't see this one coming. A couple of my friends started warbands and suddenly my head was filled with images of Viking raiders marching about the burned out city looking for wyrdstone. You can follow my Norse warband as they attempt to plunder the City of the Damned for all she's worth. This will take some stretching of my vow, but I think a dozen or so guys can be ok... right? *scratches arm with a hungry stare*
  • Fluff! Some background for my army to make it more than just a theme.
That's it for now- see you on Wednesday, and  may all our resolutions come true!


Mercer said...

Nothing terrifying about putting a Valkyrie together, they're not as hard as you think. I had some doubts when I did the first one but I made my second one without consulting the manual :)

Max said...

I'll take your word for now, though the fact that the inside needs detailing kind of scares me...