Friday, January 15, 2010

Fortunan Fluff: Fortuna Secundus

Fortuna Secundus was discovered shortly after exploration began again after the Horus Heresy. The explorators noted that it contained many accessible deposits of adamantium and other precious materials, as well as the verdant tropical setting that would easily support  Within the century ships carrying miners, equipment and supplies were burning their way in-system. They settled on what was called the Caesaerean plains and began mining in earnest, as the Imperium was still piecing itself back together and needed as much materiele as possible.

The Caesaerean Mine generated great profits for the first Fortunan governor, and he capitalized upon it by turning Fortuna's lush forests into an elitist pleasure planet. Great entertainment structures called casinos were erected, thousands of square miles of forest were clear cut to incorporate landing pads and high rises and "nature preserves." Fortuna soon became the place for the Imperial upper crust to relax.

Over the centuries the planet grew more popular, resulting in veritable hives of servants that were shuttled out to the resorts for the rich while other hives developed around new mining sites. Several rare crystals, metals and woods were discovered on the planet, fetching even higher prices at market. Fortuna was booming, and business was good.

As business went better, the planet grew more overgrown with potent emotions. The rich looked for new ways to entertain themselves and the workers grew more and more unsettled with their way of life. By the fifth millennium of its existence, trouble was brewing on Fortuna...

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