Monday, February 1, 2010

Escalation Progress 1.1


For the Escalation League I painted up a squad of troopers. These boys, combined with some flamers from my other hearts squads will make up one of my veteran squads.
Regimental number goes on the right pauldron, suit goes on the base...
... while Squad number, platoon symbol and rank (9, X, J, Q, K, A) on the left pauldron. We can also see a bit of my Fortunan pattern power sword on the sergeant there- basically take the blade from a Catachan sword and replace the chainsword blade on a Cadian sword. I'll add in some power fields later to chop people up.

I also tried a different paint scheme on these troopers- a Badab black wash followed by a Blood Red dry brush/highlight over the Red Gore base coat.
Next time I should have my second video battle report up, again Marines and Guard vs. Tyranids. See you on Wednesday!


Col. Corbane said...

Hearts for the win. They've turned out really nice mate. How many suits have you done now?

Max said...

Clubs and hearts are pretty much finished- I just need to retouch the pain on all of the hearts, make a couple more heavy weapons for Clubs and then make the Pl. Cmdr for both. Spades still need a lot of work, and I'll be working on a squad of Diamonds for this round of escalation league.

Rick said...

Looking great. I really do like the "suits" approach. Keep the pictures coming!