Friday, February 5, 2010

Assembling the Valkyrie, Part 2

No fluff today and apologies for the late post- too distracted by my life of destroying houses with a claw hammer/playing with my big flying box. Speaking of that...

On Tuesday I attempted to magnetize my Valkyrie. Attempted is the key word here, as it didn't turn out quite like I had intended. I followed the instructions here, the same place that I got them for my sentinel, and have discovered one thing:


I mean, seriously... the 1/16x1/32 ones are ITTY! I can barely get them in the correct facing to go on the model. I also apparently cannot drill to save my life, as most of the magnets ended up not being flush with the edge, leading to weak connections.

For example, the 1/16 magnets on my valk and the associated weapon hardpoints:


I also magnetized on the two neck weapon slots, so that I switch from multilaser and a targeting arrawy to two lascannons in a jiffy... though I still need to order some more lascannons.

I did get one thing right that was of my one design, though- the back door. This was an addition that I made to the guide as my door kept on opening when I didn't want it to. Two 1/8x1/32 inch magnets did the trick, and now I can open and close it with ease.

Finally, the major problem that I have been having is the flight stand. I just can get the damn thing on and off without breaking something. I tried to fix the problem by magnetizing it on, but the connection wasn't smooth/strong enough to support the bird and it kept on falling off. Anyone else had problems with getting the stand on and off, and does anyone have a solution?

EDIT: turns out sanding the slot that the stand goes into is pretty much the only way that it works. Oh well...

Hopefully this experience will have been a learning one, as I intend on magnetizing my other two Valkyries when they arrive, as well as the members of Diamond squad that I have some serious green stuff work planned for. Now I have to start painting the thing... fun fun fun!

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Col. Corbane said...

I feel your pain mate, magnetising mine was a real challenge. I found using home made magnet applicators made it a lot easier.

Can wait to see the squadron finished!