Saturday, February 13, 2010

Escalation League, Round 1: The Models

So, a bit late from when I wanted to post it, but it's still this week! Yesterday was spent doing 10 hours of straight painting trying to get my guys all finished up for the first round of the Escalation League. The fruits of my labor can be seen here:


For the League I'm trying to use all new (or relatively new) models in order to increase the size and flexibility of my Guard. I was aiming for two Vendettas in my 500 list, but the lascannons won't get here for some time yet so I decided to go with the forces above.

The Vendetta was finished up with a Badab Black wash over pretty much everything. Some Dwarf Bronze and Boltgun Metal on the thrusters, but besides that I stuck for a pretty simple color scheme. For the pilot paint scheme I was getting tired so just drybrushed them with the color of the screens in the cockpit.

The "assault weapon servitors" for Diamond squad turned out pretty well I think. I last minute added some more wire leading up to their left hand which really helped hold the entire model together.

The rest of Diamond squad was given an improved paint job as well as some more cyber implants (most of those being ocular in nature). Note: magnetizing a Guard sergeant is dumb, as the power fist is on the right arm instead of the left like the chain and power swords.

The real star is my Psyker Primaris, built mostly from the Guard Command sprue. I'm going to rip the green stuff piece off of his left hand as it looks kind of dumb, but otherwise I'm pretty happy. I tried to make him look like Gambit from the X-Men with his red eyes and metal bits around his head, and the psychic power will be represented by him throwing an energized card.

 As you can see, he was intended to be a palette swap from my Company Commander.

And the view from above to show off his crown.

Next time: secret project unveiled! Then, some battle reports from the 500 pt edition of our Escalation League.

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