Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Escalation League, Round 1: vs Space Wolves and Eldar

So, some video battle reports for you. In case you don't like videos, there will be hidden text versions of the games as well. Hope you enjoy!

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My list:
Vendetta w/ 3 twin linked lascannons
Psyker Primaris
Vet squad with 3 grenade launchers
Vet squad with 3 meltaguns and shotguns
Chimera with Hvy Flamer and Multilaser
Armored Sentinel with Autocannon

His list:
Rune priest with Terminator armor, Living Lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf
8 Grey Hunters, 1 meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Power Sword (Squad 1)
8 Grey Hunters, 1 flamer, Mark of the Wulfen, Power Fist (Squad 2)
3 Long Fangs, 2 Missile Launchers

Mission: 3 objectives
Deployment: Quasi-table quarters (12" from half of short and half of long board edges each)

He wins turn 1 and deploys his forces. Squad 1 sets up inside a ruin with the Rune Priest attached and on an objective, Squad 2 sets up near a bunker (also very close to the ruins). The Long Fangs are in the second floor of the ruin with a good view of the battlefield.

I hold everything in reserve :)

Turn 1a: Squad 2 moves into the bunker, and that's it.
Turn 1b: Nothing happens

Turn 2a: He sits still.
Turn 2b: None of my reserves come in.

Turn 3a: Squad 2 moves towards one of the objectives but doesn't quite get there.
Turn 3b: My chimera comes on and moves 12". It manages to hide itself from the Rune Priest behind a ruin, as well as getting plenty of cover from the Long Fangs.

Turn 4a:Squad 2 moves up more, Long Fangs fail to dent the Chimera.
Turn 4b: Vendetta and Sentinel come on. Chimera pegs off a marine and the Sentinel pegs off a marine. Vendetta turboosts onto the far right objective.

Turn 5a: Long Fangs and the Rune Priest fail to scratch the Vendetta, while Squad 2 moves up to assault the Chimera. They rip off the Heavy Flamer, the Multilaser and immobilize it.
Turn 5b: My meltaguns pile out and Sentinel moves into position. The Vendetta turboboosts onto the marine objective. At the center objective, before shooting:
After shooting:

Assault eliminates the powerfist guy.

Turn 6a: Rune Priest JotWW my infantry squad, killing 2. A frag missile kills 1 more. Squad 1 moves to assault and melta the Vendetta, but fail to scratch it.
Turn 6b: Vendetta moves and slags the detached Rune Priest. My troops settle on both remaining objectives. Game ends, 2-0.

After battle: I got lucky with reserve rolls and benefited from his inexperience with Wolves and lack of aggression. When all of my stuff rolled in on turn 3 he had very little time to do any damage, and I simply managed to do more than he could.

Click me to read spoilers
My list:
Vendetta w/ 3 twin linked lascannons
Psyker Primaris
Vet squad with 3 grenade launchers
Vet squad with 3 meltaguns and shotguns
Chimera with Hvy Flamer and Multilaser
Armored Sentinel with Autocannon

His list:
Farseer with Fortune, Doom, Runes of Witnessing
5 Pathfinders
Squad of Guardians, Scatter Laser
Wraithlord, Bright Lance, Wraithsword

Mission: 4 Objectives (two close together mid board-ish, two on my side to the left and the right sides)
Deployment: Board edges

I set up first (!) and deploy everything on the board. The Vendetta takes the right flank while the rest of my forces stay on the left.
He sets up near the two objectives with his forces. Scout moves see the Vendetta move 24" to get a good shot on the Wraithlord, his Pathfinders move towards cover.

Turn 1a: Vendetta gets exceedingly lucky, hitting and wounding 3 times on the Wraithlord and taking it out of action. The rest of my forces move up and fire on the Pathfinders and Guardians, causing 1 casualty in each.
Turn 1b: His forces try to shoot but fail to scratch my vehicles.

Turn 2a: I shoot, kill a guardian.
Turn 2b: He shoots, knocks a twin linked lascannon off of my Vendetta.

Turn 3a: The Chimera heavy flamers the Pathfinders and eliminates them. Vendetta moves to the right and takes potshots at the guardians, killing 2 I think.
Turn 3b: The Farseer charges forward and engages the Sentinel, but only manages to immobilize it.

Turn 4a: Around this time we get confused and think that it is turn 5 instead of turn 4. Chimera backs up, unloads my troops on my objective. The fight continues against the Sentinel.
Turn 4b: Guardians spread out a bit but fail to reach both objectives. Game ends, resulting in a win for me 2-1.

After battle: taking out the Wraithlord first turn was ridiculously lucky. Without it he had no real anti-tank besides glances from the scatter laser and close combat from the Farseer. If I hadn't taken the WL out first turn it could have gotten a lot uglier, as I would have had to rely on Meltaguns and massed firepower to take out the beast without the Vendetta.

I played a couple of other games that I didn't get a chance to cover in the blog. My first four games were Wolves, Daemons, Orks and Necrons. I lost to the Daemons in hard fought game, was almost tabled by the orks and failed to earn a KP against the Necrons for a tie. Eldar were the fifth and I defeated Nids for a sixth game, but only the first four counted for scoring (all additional games earn only a single point).

I definitely misjudged the metagame as everyone except a Dark Eldar player was playing horde instead of mech. Therefore my Vendetta had few real targets for it to shoot at, and same with my melta guns. My 750 will probably include more anti-horde than anti-tank because of this.

Still, I've had fun, and will continue to share more reports with you later. Let me know if you have any suggestions/comments on either my tactics or reporting format.


Ben said...

The spoiler button for the 500pts vs. Eldar doesn't work for me (although the one vs. SW does).

Max said...

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

Blackhat said...

Hey, excellent entry and a nice gaming table :)

Max said...

@ Blackhat: Thanks! The gaming table is unfortunately not of my work, but rather that of a quite talented former employee of my FLGS. Some day I hope to have one of my own, but that'll probably be when I have more room than a closet to store all my stuff :)