Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BATTLE REPORT: 1500 vs Nurgle Daemons

Another battle report for you fine folks from our Escalation League. This time we're finally hitting the big leagues- 1500 pts. It's good to be home.

Text version here

Mission: Take and Hold (two objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead

My list:
Company Command Squad with 2 plasma, 1 melta, medic, plasma pistol, astropath, meltabombs, and chimera with ML/HF
Al'Rahem's platoon command with 4 melta and a chimera with ML/HF
3 Infantry Squads with power weapons, flamers. Attached Commissar with power weapon. Two of the sergeants have meltabombs.
2 Special Weapon Squads, one with 3 flamers, one with 2 demo charges and a flamer
Veteran squad led by Harker with 3 grenade launchers and an autocannon
2 Vendettas (each operating independently)
Hellhound with Multimelta
Leman Russ Battle Tank with heavy bolter

His list, as far as I can remember it:
Ku'Gath the Plaguefather
Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle
2 squads of 10 plague bearers with Icons
1 squad of 10 nurglings
Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wings, Armor, Breath of Chaos
Deamon Prince of Nurgle, Armor, Breath of Chaos
Soulgrinder with all three mouth cannons

He won the roll and let me go first. Objectives were placed at opposite ends of the battlefield. I reserved everything (SWS go in the two Vendettas) except for Harker, who I infiltrated onto his objective.

Turn 1a: Nothing happens.
Turn 1b: My opponent forgot to pray to Nurgle and the wrong wave (containing 1 plaguebearer squad, the Princes, the Grinder and Ku'Gath) comes in. The Grinder, the walking Prince and the plaguebearers come in near my objective while the other two come in next to Harker. Shooting from them makes Harker's squad break.

Turn 2a: All of my reserves come in, and all of my outflanking rolls let me bring them in on the side with my objective. One Vendetta immobilizes the Grinder and destroys its mouth gun, rendering it useless. The rest of my shooting grinds the plaguebearer squad down to 3 models and takes a wound off of the Daemon Prince. Harker's squad falls back slowly and takes a wound off of Papa Nurgle.
Turn 2b: All of the rest of his reserves come in, and strangely all come in next to my objective. Papa Nurgle and the winged prince move towards my objective. Papa then takes out two more members of Harker's squad, dooming them to continue falling back.

Turn 3a: My shooting grinds Epidemius' squad down to himself and 3 plaguebearers, and I reduce the Nurgling mob to a single model with a single wound thanks to FRFSRF and massed flamers on my combined infantry squad. The wingless Prince is reduced to 1 wound. Harker and his squad continue to dawdle and take another wound off of Papa Nurgle.
Turn 3b: The lone Nurgling, Epidemius and the two plaguebearer squads charge my combined infantry squad. The sergeants and commissar all gang up on Epidemius and manage to take 2 wounds off of him. Elsewhere the wingless Prince and Papa Nurgle move towards my objective, while the winged prince tries to take out my Leman Russ but doesn't quite make it there.

Turn 4a: The wingless Prince is eliminated. One of my Vendettas turboboosts towards the enemy objective. My shooting takes 2 wounds off of the winged Prince. In assault, I kill the nurgling but fail to do anything else.
Turn 4b: Epidemius farts and kills a few guardsmen. Papa Nurgle starts rushing back to the home objective. The winged prince blows up the Leman Russ. In assault, I still fail to do any wounds and lose more guardsmen. The tally now lets him wound me on 2s rerollable. Ouch.

Turn 5a: Vendetta continues to turboboost towards the enemy objective. The other 'detta and the rest of my forces destroy 2 Nurglings that were spawned by Papa. In assault, I lose yet more guardsmen. The tally now lets all Nurgle daemons get FNP on a 3+.
Turn 5b: Hellhound gets blown up by the winged prince. Papa tries to take out the Vendetta with a Breath of Chaos but fails. In assault, Epidemius finally goes down to the weight of power weapon attacks on his corpulent frame.

Turn 6a: My company command squad eliminates the Daemon Prince and my opponent concedes. I win 1.5 objectives to 0 (I had my Vendetta on his home objective at this point, but it probably would not have been scoring thanks to Papa.)

After action report: Biggest piece of luck was having all of the monsters come in first. If they had come in later I would have eaten a fair few Breaths and other templates, not to mention them crashing into my lines. The Harker distraction paid off, splitting his forces and allowing me to deal with them piecemeal. Overall, I'm pleased with how the game turned out and how my list is running.

And don't listen to people who say that power weapons are useless against Daemons. They are AWESOME against Nurgle.

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