Thursday, December 2, 2010

Announcment: Live Blogging Weekend!

Defending Humanity would like to announce its first Live Blogging Event! To document my heroic battle to finish my army and display board in time for the Merry Mayhem Tournament I will be doing live updates throughout the night on Friday (but hopefully not early morning Saturday...) showing off my progress, works in progress and maybe even a How-To or two.

This will all culminate with the Merry Mayhem Tournament on Saturday, where I will hopefully be able harness the power of the Internet and my Android phone to post pictures of the event STRAIGHT TO THIS VERY BLOG.

So, if you've ever wondered what a crazed hobbyist will be willing to do in one night to ready himself for a tournament for a game that he has BARELY PLAYED, this blog is the place, Friday night is the time, and we're coming to a browser, blog roll or Reader near you.


Admiral Drax said...

GOod luck, mate - but don't forget as soon as those dice start flying it's hard to remember to take pics, let alone write anything!

Loquacious said...


Papa JJ said...

That sounds like a fun evening, best wishes!