Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tourney Prep- the Final Steps

Alright! Made the Top X again! Thanks Lauby! And for those of you who might have been worried- she loved the minis. Not surprising giving she also loved The Absolute Death and calls me in to the other room whenever Daleks, Cylons or Star Trek are mentioned... I do love geeky girls... :)

Last night I headed over to the club to get a game of Fantasy in under the idea that, y'know, actually PLAYING the game a bit before the tournament might lead to me doing relatively OK at it. Unfortunately the crowd was almost entirely 40k oriented so I didn't end up getting a game in. So, instead I tinkered with my list with the help of some Ogre players masquerading as Tau commanders and picked up some supplies.

First was a selection of metal bases. I hope to attach these to... something... a piece of wood or plastic perhaps? Anyway, I also got some magnetic strips on Black Friday which I hope to attach to the bases of my Ogres, all in the hopes of having some cool movement trays by Saturday.

Crap... today is Wednesday isn't it? Oyveh Maria... so much work to do.

If were to do it all over again I probably would have gone with Gale Force 9's magnetic basing kits... which they even have in special Ogre sized offerings... man, I'm really kicking myself over that one.

Anyway, to cut a rambling post short, here's what I still need to do by Saturday morning:

  • finish painting the Leadbelchers
  • prime and paint the Trappers
  • Model, prime and paint another Butcher (I decided to go with 2 Butchers instead of using a Slaughtermaster)
  • Create a display board, on which I hope to include two food vendor stands, a bigtop background, and a cage for my Gorgers
  • Maybe find time to build some movement trays. Maybe.
Oh, and study for a huge certification test on Friday... funfunfun!

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