Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Mayhem: Aftermath

So I finished the tourney with 0 wins and a grand total of 6 battle points won from only my first game. Yay! Still, I think I put up a respectable showing for someone with a grand total of about 5 games of Fantasy under his belt, only 1 of which was at the 2k points level.

As a "reward" for my performance I was awarded the Wooden Spoon and a set of dice:

I was not allowed to pick out the dice, probably a good thing seeing how they treated me at the tourney...

The tourney was fun and I definitely learned a lot about the nuances of how this game is played. Going to a tourney is probably not the best way to do it, but it is definitely one of the quickest. Key points that I took away from the day include:

  • Gorgers- they just weren't useful at all the entire day. Granted I didn't go against any armies that fielded war machines in any of my matches, but each game they just kind of floundered on to the board late and eventually died.
  • Charging- it's vital that you only charge the right targets! Be aware of units breaking away or baiting you, and watch out for other units that might be looking for a flank or rear charge.
  • The above goes doubly for pursuing. While you might not get points until you completely smash an enemy, you don't want to expose yourself too much to enemy charges.
  • Magic- the lack of a lvl 4 really hurt me, especially in the last game. Ogres just can't spam the casters like other races can, so getting that lvl 4 for casting and dispel means I don't get a second caster most of the time.
  • Heroes- these really make or break Fantasy armies. I think I'll try building around them rather than doing my usual 40k thing of building the army first and shoehorning a HQ choice into the mix. In Fantasy the army delivers the heroes, not the other way around.
Thanks for hanging with me this week, and next week we're going to take a look at some non-Fantasy projects that I have lined up. Thanks for reading!


Warhammer39999 said...

Congrats. It sounds like you had fun (or at least learned from your mistakes). Hopefully next year you can improve enough to get a win under you belt (or at least double-digits in battle points)...

If not, then you could always use a matching fork, right?

Loving the humility. Stay strong!

Admiral Drax said...

Wow - what a baptism of fire! Hurrah for losing with good grace, eh?

Loquacious said...

It sounds like you had a blast, and learned a LOT! Thanks to you for a great WHFB report complete with pictures.

Bartender said...

Thanks for the battle report! I prefer the Soviet tactic of swarming your enemy rather than having a few elites. But over time when you master your army, you should be on a winning streak. I know someone who can beat chaos demons or wood elves just with orcs!

Max said...

Thanks all for your comments- hopefully we'll see some Fantasy battle reports in the near future where I can practice my Ogre Battlin' skillz!