Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Mayhem: Battles 1 and 2

So, some battles! One of the cool features of the tournament was that each table had special terrain rules. Most of the rules were choices from the BRB but a few were more unique. Here's the rules for my first table:

Our mission, "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch," can be found here. Basically it centered around sending units into the various buildings on the map to grab "toys," symbolized by little pieces of candy taken from a cup. The mission ended at wipeout, turn 6 or if all of the candies were taken from the cup. Our map is below:

My opponent was a Daemon player called Jeff. His list was something like this:
Herald of Nurgle with a breath weapon
Herald of Tzeentch
Unit of Hounds
Unit of Beasts of Nurgle
Unit of Furies
Unit of Bloodletters
Unit of Pink Horrors
Two units of Flamers

I deployed the majority of my forces on the right flank, with my two units of Leadbelchers on the left. Trappers scouted near a building on the right flank, hoping to run in and run out before they could get eaten.

Turn 1 I moved a squad of leadbelchers into the left building, the Trappers into the right and a squad of Bulls into the middle. My opponent countered by sending the Furies against the Belchers and the Letters against the Trappers. The two Leadbelchers managed to fight off the Furies without taking any casualties but the Trappers were cut down to a man.

My BSB's Bull squad managed to beat off the Bloodletters and steal their candy over the next few turns while my other Leadbelcher squad got another piece. My two Gorgers also came in and stole candy. Unfortunately one was gunned down by Horrors and, in a fatal turn six twist, one unit of Leadbelchers and a Gorger were defeated in close combat by the two Flamers squads. MAN those things can put out a beating!

So, I was winning 4-2 until the very last turn, ended up losing 2-4. Still, it was a very close game that was only decided by some luck and betters stats on my opponent's part.

Game two was on a very normal map and involved fighting over the Perfect Tree in the center of the board. Whoever had the most models within 8" (Monstrous Infantry counting as 3) won. This was pretty short as I deployed first, then my VC opponent (Robert, or SwissDictator on the forums) countered with some ethereal units far away from my magic weapons. That, plus his unstoppable block of Grave Guard made it his game very quickly. Still, he was a very pleasant opponent... I just need to learn how to play this game at some point.

Next time, battle three. See you then!

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