Thursday, February 24, 2011

40k Twitter Accounts?

I've recently started a Twitter account that will focus mostly on my hobby and gaming activities. You can find it at @MaxterMynd, and I'll be linking my feed to the blog sometime today.

But this led me to wonder, does anyone know of some good 40k Twitter feeds that I can follow? I've heard of a group referred to as "warmongers" but have been unable to track them down, and my searches on Twitter have been less than useful.

Any information anyone could bring to the table would be great!


R3con said...!/DennisHamster is Gavin Thorpe

GWS has a feed as well..

and I'm at R3con, not that mine is earth shattering or anything.

GDMNW said...

We Tweet, oddly enough at

Finding hobby tweeting is generally tough. The most active tweeterers are shops telling you they've got more drop pods in their online store...

Yes, amazing stuff!

Max said...

@ R3con and GDMNW: Thanks! Yeah, I was worried that most would be stores, but hopefully I can find a few out there from hobbyists as well.

Max said...
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The Inner Geek said...

I'm a bit of a Geek, but am ashamed to say I have no idea how twitter works or what exactly the purpose of it is. I guess I'll have to sign up and figure it out soon.