Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hobby: Beginning Hydra Conversion

Despite what I may or may not have said in earlier posts I'm pursuing Hydras and a Psyker Battle Squad as part of my Adepticon army list. I like the concept of Medusae but they just seem a bit too fragile to me, especially since two of them together would be a significant weakness in the very first game of the tourney. Two AV 12 chassis just don't have a lot of staying power, especially since the have to shoot straight. Better to leave the most expensive unit award to the Executioner, as apart from melta he's a pretty survivable gent.

I came to my decision, like many of my hobby decisions, by going to the game store. I hadn't been down to the Last Square in some time due to a combination of family and work concerns, so it was nice to chat around with the guys even if I didn't have time to play a full game.

I know that I fully intended on walking away with just a pot of paint and a new flamer template, but discussions with the one of the guys who happens to work there added a few items to that list. And I mean, I can hardly be blamed that they just happened to have an Aegis defense kit just sitting there, right?

I'll be pursuing Admiral Drax's fine Hydra conversion with my own personal twist. I'd like to see if I can alter his plans such that I can switch the Hydra back and forth between awesome anti-aircraft gun and troop transport. The set-back Chimera design almost works, so I think with a few minor tweaks and maybe a few magnets I'll be able to better justify the two new Chimeras that I just ordered... man, I'm glad I make actual money rather than a living stipend now... :P

I'll be able to finish up painting my infantry this week and maybe put the final touches on assembling my final Vet Chimera. After that I have 8 psykers, an overseer and two Hydras to complete before April. I have some ideas for the psykers that I might be able to scribble down during the lunch hour tomorrow at work if we're lucky. Think of  a cross between daemonhosts and psychic indian poker and you'll have a basic idea of what I'm going for :)

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