Friday, February 18, 2011

Psyker Psketches

I'd like to start out by thanking Berks Warhammer 40k for including my Battleforce Tactica as part of their 40k News, Rumors and Stuff You Should Read segment- it's an honor!

Now for the sketches. I may have been... distracted in a few meetings of late so I took the time to doodle out what I'm planning for my Psyker Battle Squad conversions. Take a gander:

If you can't read my chicken scratch at this size, please click to embiggen!

As you can see I'll be using standard Guardsmen for the basis of my conversions. I see my psykers as part of the regular army, soldiers that just happen to be gifted with psychic ability. I really like making blindfolds for my figs, as can be seen from my Gorger conversion- something about the blind warrior trope really hits it for me.

I'll be making the playing cards out of plasticard (though I may have to purchase some thinner stuff than what I use on my vehicle conversions). It'll be a pain but I think the overall effect will be awesome. Tiny pieces of paper that are coated to keep them stiff like in some banner conversions that I've seen might also work.

The tricky part will be making the levitating cards and soldiers. I think I'll be using more of my thin gauge wire that I'll paint up to look like electrical currents racing out and warping around the cards.

And then there's the solitaire... sometimes I just love my theme. Can anyone else think of any playing card game tropes that I should include in this squad?

I also managed to convert up another set back Chimera:

I'm slowly getting to a more uniform look for these gents, but there's still a few hiccups in the ol' STC to work through.

I hope to have some time to get to those conversions this weekend, but that'll really depend on what my psycho governor has to say about axing all of the public employees' unions. If it's looking bad I may be out on the street campaigning for our teachers, social workers and other public servants of Wisconsin, not to mention my girlfriend's healthcare. Yay!

Politics aside, thanks for reading and see you on Monday.

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