Monday, November 29, 2010

Ogre Circus: T-Giving Weekend Work

Even though I traveled up to the wilds of Superior, WI I was still able to get quite a bit of hobby work done over the weekend. Mostly it was painting these fools:

The Ogre Champion painted up pretty well- I hope I added enough circusy elements to him to appease y'all, though let me know if I should add something more circusy- maybe a candy apple on his helmet spike?
 My girlfriend came up with the color scheme for the fur on his helmet- business in the front, party in the back.
 The ones that required a bit more work were the Gorgers:
 I had a lot of fun with Yellow's eyes, which were made with a black wash, followed by Mechrite then Blood red with a dot of Fiery Orange for the pupils.
 I also think I finally got my rust recipe right. It's pretty much straight from the Ogre Kingdoms army book painting section with a slight shift in browns to accomodate my collection. Click on the picture to make it look bigger to see the effect better.
And the bones. I was really afraid that they wouldn't show up next to the light grey skin, but I think they have enough contrast. I just really, really like painting bone. Ever since I came up with the recipe for my Guard army (Bleached bone, black wash, drybrush Skull White) I've been looking to use it on more things. Gorgers happily obliged me, the gentleogres.
Red, though, is probably still my favorite of the two. Something about the blind fold really sets the mood for him. Also his positioning reminds me of a scene from Lord of the Rings when they are in the Mines of Moria. Apparently I'm not alone in this as one gentleman last Sunday asked if they were from the LoTR Troll model. Either way, I'm happy with how he turned out.

 And finally I did some modeling work on these guys:
Hopefully we'll see some paint on them in the near future. Thanks for reading, and hope you had a good turkey-filled weekend!


Hephesto said...

Lovely theme you have going there, also great to see that old Ogre mini (Battle Masters if I remember correctly) taking to the field again!

Bartender said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't seen that mini in 20 years! It's amazing how far GW has come in terms of innovation.

Max said...

Yes, the Ogre Champion is coming back out to smash some heads in!

Loquacious said...

This is fun work, yet again. Love it.