Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hobby: A Look Forward

Today's going to be a bit of a look forward at some of the projects and other hobby related activities that I'm going to be working on in the next month or so. With plenty of big gift-giving opportunities on the horizon I figured that a few painted models might be just the ticket to both save me some money and give people something hand made.

But that's for December- right now there's the Ogre Circus, which needs to be completed up to 2k points by December 4th for Merry Mayhem here in Madison, which is a charity Fantasy tournament. Right now I'd say that I'm just a bit over halfway to that goal, with a few big pieces (Tyrant, Bruiser, two Scraplaunchers, two Gorgers) and a mess of Gnoblars still to go. This will be... interesting to get finished with Thanksgiving taking out 4 days to spend with the girl's family up in Duluth and some big events going on this weekend... leaving me with 11 evenings to try to get the work done. This is made even more interesting thanks to my Scraplauncher that I ordered two weeks ago still not in appearance and my need to convert something for my second. And of course three of those evenings may be lost due to 40k. And I might need to sacrifice the majority of a couple Sundays to actually, y'know, learn to use the army. And Magic is on every other Tuesday. Hrrm. Something has to give.

Fortunately I've gotten to know the organizer of Merry Mayhem and he may be able to arrange for some Scraplaunchers to make their way to me if necessary. They won't be Circus themed but they'll do the job. But still... mayhaps I need to spend less time reading Imperial Armour (IX was SOOO good!) and more time doing hobby work.

Having said that, and in an effort to really get my rear in gear with regards to my projects here's a checklist of everything I need to get done as well as tentative due dates:
  1. Complete Project Paired Pentagon (coming soon!)
  2. Finish painting Tyrant (by Thursday)
  3. Re-model Bruiser (Thursday)
  4. Re-model Gorgers (Saturday)
  5. Prime and base coat Bruiser (Saturday)
  6. Prime and base coat Gorgers (Sunday)
  7. Finish painting Bruiser and Gorgers (Monday next week)
  8. Clean Gnoblar sprues (Thanksgiving weekend- what joy!)
  9. Prime and basecoat Gnoblars (11/29)
  10. Finish painting Gnoblars (11/30)
  11. Assemble Scraplauncher #1 (11/30)
  12. Assemble Scraplauncher #2 (12/2)
  13. Prime and basecoat Scraplaunchers (12/3)
  14. At some point base the army and get some movement trays... ?
And if needed, a few 40k nights can be thrown away to prep. Phew. This month is going to be busy- wish me luck!


Admiral Drax said...


I dislike ogres, and I dislike clowns...but these really are simply superb, mate!

- D.

Max said...

Thanks Admiral! I too actually dislike clowns, but I figured nothing would be scarier than a huge, fat, ugly clown barreling down on you with a meat cleaver in one hand and a squeaky horn in the other :)