Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ogre Circus: Gorgers and Bruiser

Over the weekend I managed to convert up my BSB and a pair of Gorgers.
As you can see I have followed your demands and included the Ogre Champion as my BSB. I'm still undecided about adding some more circusy elements to him (HINT: POLL ON RIGHT). The banner is from the Minotaur kit, and I decided to fill it out a bit more with green stuff.

There were a ton of thick sprue lines on this fellow, as well as a few gaps that I had to fill with green stuff. Still, with the pin the banner seems to be staying in place fairly well.

As you can tell I rethought how I was going to do the Gorgers. Instead of Strongmen I went with the suggestion of feral beasts, locked up in cages and on display. Their bases will have broken cage elements strewn about. They are created from a mix of Minotaur body and arms and Giant head and hands.

I tried to evoke more of the feel of the traditional Gorger by sticking various horn and bone pieces on them and evoke skin stretched around them with greenstuff.

Hope you enjoyed these- there's lots more hobby work to do over the next couple of weeks, so I gotta git er done!


CounterFett said...

I like the bruiser the way he is, I already voted. But he looks great.

The gorgers are terrific! I did know the way you were going on them from the last time you posted, but they do look terrific with how they turned out.

Keep up the good work.

Loquacious said...

Thanks so much for showing these guys in progress. I am not very familiar with greenstuff work and it's very educational to see how it looks and fits on a model prior to paint.

Max said...

@ CounterFett: Thanks! I should probably throw a link in there to the old pics for reference.

@ Loquacious: You're absolutely welcome. Maybe after all of this modeling craziness I'll post a tutorial on how I work.