Friday, February 4, 2011

STC in Real Life!

Before we get on to the topic of this post I just wanted to add to the pimping of Sons of Taurus' awesome sarcastic HyperBowl 2011. Have a unit you love to hate? Try to write the most ridiculous paragraph or two promoting that God-forsaken set of rules and you may win something!

Anyway, I was on Gizmodo and came across this video:

GVCS in 2 Minutes from Adam Mitchell on Vimeo.

Is it just me, or does thing remind you of an STC? Available to everyone, able to construct modern civilization from just a few parts... man, I didn't know we were living in the Dark Age of Technology already!

So now that we have bolters, STCs, and cybernetics and power armor research are going full bore, who has bets on when the first Space Marines will start coming off the line?


Tiberius Primaris said...

That is a great find!!! what a great idea.

S.T.C are on the way.

Max said...