Friday, August 14, 2009

Product Review: Simple Green

… is Simply Amazing! I left my models in it for 6 hours and was already able to scrape most of the paint off of them. After twelve even the metal models were willing getting down to their skivvies. This was my first attempt at stripping paint, and all of the articles in the Painting section of the FTW archive were really helpful, especially those that pointed me towards this fine product.

For you physics nerds out there, the shirt reads "H-Bar: Put a positive spin on things! (also available in 1/2 sizes)"

I even forgot about two of the models for a couple of days, and they’re absolutely fine!

And does anyone else find the concept of toothbrushing little plastic men while wearing latex gloves hilarious?


Admiral Drax said...

I'm very pleased for you. And yes: it's a fairly absurd way to pass the time!

Anyone know if simple green is available in the UK, please? Or something similar?

Max said...

Yes, in fact you can!

Peter said...

Awsome, been looking everywhere for some in the UK :P the amount of time I've spent in Wilkos and places like that

G said...

Awesome T-shirt - where did you get it?

For the UK lot, try Dettol - cheaper than simple green and I've had great results from it

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