Sunday, April 26, 2009

Almost forgot...

... that not everyone will know what the units in the poll are, as not everyone has copies of the codex. My apologies. Here are the basic descriptions of the units:

Iron-Hand Straken: Company Commander w/ str 6, toughness 4 and strikes like an MC in close combat. Also grants Fearless to his squad and Counter-Attack and Furious Charge to all squads in 12"

LR Executioner: Turret fires 3 plasma cannon shots and has rear armor 11

LR Demolisher: str 10 ap 2 24" cannon, rear armor 11

Lukas Bastonne: can give orders to the veteran squad like BID and allows it to always regroup

Stonetooth Harker: relentless, FNP, heavy-bolter toting, infiltrating badass. Grants infiltrate to the entire veteran squad that he is a part of.

Commissar Yarrick: Gives everyone in 12" stubborn, his unit is fearless and reroll to hit when they assault and is very hard to kill.

Cpt. Al'Rahem: Grants his entire platoon outflank and must outflank; can issue two orders in 12" and has BID and an order that lets units consolidate after shooting. Also has an instant death power sword for shytz and giggles.

LR Punisher: Huge gatling gun on the turret (Hvy 20!), rear armor 11

Ogryn: Huge, brutal, expensive assault units

Psyker Primaris: can make people roll leadership to shoot at his unit/nuke people with lightning and has a force weapon

Psyker Battle Squad: Can reduce enemy leadership by a lot and can launch large blast templates of AP d6 doom.

Stormtroopers: have AP 3 lasguns, carapace armor and can deep strike, scout, infiltrate, and even cause pinning if they want to.

That about covers it- let's get with the voting! Next battle is hopefully on Tuesday.

p.s. Does anyone know of a way to increase the margins on Blogger?

*edit* Gah! Plasma Russ is Exterminator, not executioner... guess I'll flip a coin and see which one comes up...

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Matthew said...

Take Ratlings. :)