Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bugs and Men

A few quick changes to my 1500 army list:
-sentinels are now hvy flamer, lascannon and plasma cannon
-hvy flamer was switched to flamer in the PCS
-autocannons switched to lascannons in my infantry blob
Also, my camera ran out of juice about halfway through the battle, so sorry for the lack of pics! Also, all of the pics are from the opponent's side of the battle field.

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War
1500 Guard vs Nids

The game store was doing warhammer fantasy and magic drafts all day today, so Russell and I decided to play a game at his place, using really sketchy terrain!

I won the roll to go first and deployed on the top edge of the battlefield with my infantry platoon, command squad and a melta vet squad in their chimera. The melta chimera is hiding behind the cardboard box, and the platoon chimera is the grey one on the right side (my left flank). Command squad is parked in a forest front and center. Russell deployed in the midfield to try to assault as soon as possible. He then rolled a 6 and seized the initiative, making my situation a little more precarious. This might not end well…

But first, quick pick of my mostly painted infantry platoon!

Now for the dying...

1st turn: The nids moved up for a first turn assault, bringing everything except for the genestealers in on the first turn. Shooting stunned my melta chimera but nothing else. The hormagaunts got in with my command squad even though they were in cover (stupid move through cover…) and slaughtered my command squad. They then proceeded to move on to threaten my mortar squad.
All of my troops roll in, LRBTs on either side, second melta chimera up my right flank and sentinels spaced out along my front (left flank: Stompy Jr, right flank: las and flamer). We managed to kill the flyrant and broke the hormagaunts with concentrated fire. The rest of my guns had no real targets, so we eliminated half of the gaunts to pass the time. I was stupendously lucky with my night fight rolls- only Stompy Jr. failed to see a long range target with his plasma cannon. For note: the dreadnought with three beastmen is the Hive Tyrant, the other dreadnought is a devilfex, the three figure squad on the right are shooty warriors, and the lone larger based units are zoanthropes.

2nd turn: nids inexorably moved up. Zoanthropes coming up my left flank attempted to blast me but failed and perilsed themselves. My melta chimera lost its multilaser and was shaken. My command chimera was stunned into next year by carnifex shooting. The second hive tyrant killed one of my mortar teams, the remainder of the squad thankfully made their leadership test.
My shooting was markedly less effective, putting a wound on a fex and on a warrior squad and not quite killing all of the hormagaunts.

3rd turn: 1 squad of genestealers comes in on my left flank and proceed to maul my poor tank. My empty chimera is wrecked, and the LRBT is stunned in assault.
My shooting was once again hampered by the terrain, only killing one warrior, a zoanthrope and getting a carnifex down to one wound. Stompy Jr. assaulted the genestealers, killing one and pulling many of them away from the tank.

4th turn: the other genestealers came in on the opposite flank. Tyranids advanced forwards with the hormagaunts retreating to avoid being killed. Their shooting kills a few guardsmen, but we weather storm well. Unfortunately my PCS is eliminated except for the commander, who flees the battlefield. Now I know two incompetent officers who shall be executed later... My LRBT explodes due to genestealer assault, but fails to take any of the bugs down with him despite catching them all in the blast.
I finally kill the fex with meltagun fire, and the outflanking stealers are reduced to one model. My guns eliminate another zoanthrope, and Stompy Jr. continues to hold up combat

5th turn: most of my guardsmen die to warp blast fire, but that’s about it
I return fire, miraculously killing a zoanthrope with only 3 wounds rolled vs 2+ save and eliminate the final genestealer, bringing me two more badly needed kill points (praise the Emperor!) I reduce a carnifex to 1 wound, Stompy Jr. continues to hold combat…

And the game ends! We were tied 4 kill points to 4 kill points, but I won in victory points by approx. 200. If it had gone to a 6th turn I would have probably lost, as the nids were finally getting into assault range.

After battle report:
Stompy Jr. continues to be awesome in holding up assaults. 3 turns with pretty much a full squad of genestealers, and even managed to take two out. He's going to get an impressive paint job when I get leet enough skillz. The rest of my troops suffered from poor rolling- I rolled way, way too many 1s on battle cannon wounds, the mortars almost never hit anything, and the plasma cannon was pretty much wasted. Lascannon fire was fairly accurate, even without any orders. The heavy flamer sentinel failed to impress; if he had been in Stompy Jr.s place, then he would have been awesome, but probably only for one turn. I think I’ll switch him to autocannon duty next time. Most of all the huge chunks of terrain really screwed with my battle plans, giving the nids far too much room to advance. Oh well, not much that I could do about that.

A couple of things would have really changed the game around. Like the Nids getting the tyrant guard in close in deployment instead of the flyrant. I would probably have lost if that one thing had been changed, as even with all of my lascannons and whatnot I do not think that I could have brought it down before it got into charge range.

Still, it was a hard fought game, and we both performed quite well. A few better rolls either way would have drastically changed the battle. The Emperor’s faithful barely managed to squeak by with the win, but any Guardsman will take that and run with it.

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