Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Gun Line

After my defeat yesterday I decided to switch tactics and begin using a standard gunline Guard army. Here's the list for those that are curious:

Company Command Squad
-Regimental Standard
-Vox Caster
-Mortar Squad
-Master of Ordnance
-Camo Cloaks
Total: 125

Infantry Platoon (total: 460)
Platoon Command Squad
-4 flamers
Total: 50

Infantry Squad
-grenade launcher
Infantry Squad
-grenade launcher
Infantry Squad
Total: 230

Mortar HWS
Mortar HWS

Vet Squad
-3 melta guns
-Chimera w/ turret multilaser and hull hvy bolter
Total: 155

Fast Attack (150)

Scout Sentinel
Scout Sentinel
Scout Sentinel

Leman Russ w/ 3 HB (aka the Poorly Planned Purchase)

I've been listening to the online community for a while now, and this seemed like a viable take. General tactics were to keep the squads in cover/out of sight in the case of the mortar teams and the company command squad and rely on long range firepower to eliminate my enemies. If anything gets to close, the order First rank FIRE! Second Rank FIRE! plus my flamery death platoon command squad should hopefully be enough to mop up and be ready for more.

I was teamed up with Russell's Nids this time against Pechous' bike list and our friend John who was playing aspect warrior Eldar footsloggers. The map looked like so:

Game was Annihilation and Spearhead deployment. The opposing team went first and set up thusly:

while our lines looked like this:

All seemed to be in question until this happened:

We stole the initiative! Blessed be the Emperor, who looks down on his humble Guardsman with favor!

1st turn: The volley of our guns was thunderous, but ultimately ineffective. Some highlights were a mortar squad causing 11 wounds on Dire Avengers and only resulting in 3 casualties (one of which was on a Farseer). My LRBT did not fail, however, and mowed down an impressive 4 bikes with its hvy bolter shots alone. We attempted to wound the wraithlords, but failed against its impressive toughness 8, even with BID enabled autocannons.

The enemy charged with the avengers down our left flank and the non-command bikes down our right. The space marine captain called down an orbital strike on the Poorly Planned Purchase, destroying its battle cannon. Accurate multimelta shooting exploded my chimera taking most of the squad along with it and pinning the survivors in the rubble. More shooting took the left fex down to 1 wound, but the space marines failed to even scratch the right fex. The charging avengers opened fire on the hormogaunts with a bladestorm and an eldritch storm, eliminating all but 1.

2nd turn our reserve rolls had the blessing of the Emperor- all 3 sentinels came in and one of our genestealer broods charged in. Shooting was vicious- I eliminated a Wraithlord with BID autocannons and a lucky sentinel shot. My LRBT took out an attack bike with hvy bolters alone, and one of my mortar squads savaged a squad of dire avengers, claiming seven for the grace of the Emperor. The tyranids assaulted, wiping a dire avenger squad and destroying an attack bike. Our fex on the right tried to assault but was cut down mercilessly, as any shooty fex will.

The scorpions got their reserve roll and came in on our right flank and started tearing up gaunts while bikes charged across the barbed wire against our Warriors. Space marine shooting was terrible, failing to even scratch my right sentinel with melta weapons and only getting one wound on the warriors. The last fex was starcannoned to death, and the assaulting began. Two bikes got cut up in the barbed wire and were decapitated, leaving the two squads to be locked in combat. The scorpions slaughtered every single last gaunt

3rd turn: Vengeance served by the Emperor himself would not have been so sweet. Combined fire from the Poorly Planned Purchase and my mortar squads scared the scorpions off the board, and the remaining stealers cleaned house on the left flank. I blew up the marine rhino and took down some marines with massed autocannon, grenade launcher and FRFSRF, but that was it. Return fire killed some guardsmen and destroyed the PPP after its valiant service and one of my Sentinels, but we decided to call the game there as I still had most of my force and all that remained of the opposition were a wounded wraithlord and 3 bikes.

Victory for the Guard and Nids!

Post Battle Report: Once again, the LRBT showed its worth, mowing down infantry left and right even after losing its main weapon. Mortar squads were also amazing, dealing enormous amounts of damage to advancing enemy infantry. The autocannons were also well worth their 10 pts a piece, always having targets and helping take down a wraithlord. Finally, the sentinels were cheap annoyances that provided much needed anti-monstrous creature firepower. Less amazing were the grenade launchers; their 24" range really hampered them in the squad, and their blast attack was so weak that I didn't ever bother using it. The Master of Ordnance that I switched into at the last moment was also never worth it- his shots always scattered far away from anything at all. I would have probably been better served with one of the other two advisors, or even just using the 30 points on something else. Camo cloaks were also unnecessary in this battle, mostly because my guardsmen were ignored the entire game. I believe this will change in time, but for now I'm going to consider dropping the cloaks and using the points to better use.

I need to remember to use smoke launchers more often- if I had, I might have been able to get my melta troops in range to attack a wraithlord and possibly save one of my ally's carnifexes. I've also learned that Russ placement is crucial- the PPP not having to move during the battle was key, as 9 hvy bolter shots a turn is devastating.

p.s. The Russ is called the Poorly Planned Purchase because he was part of an ebay purchase I made the night before the physics GRE. It was a great deal, and I'm glad I did it, but I've taken to calling the whole thing a poorly planned purchase... thus the name. He is definitely worth the purchase.

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Fantastic, mate! Well done you!

I'll need to have an even closer look when I've less marking to do...